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Other account right getaway to frasier hold everybody countless you not just getting one side of the story right so i mean and they they've as i said my com today they broken stories we broken stories they've had the great photo we've had i was i actually had this in there but i just ran out of space i had to take it out but you go back to matt west in the two thousand nine eleven playoffs there there's a there's at natwest took up phenomenal photo him in that great say were tim thomas came across the crease for the stick that was set of follow one that the nobody else head now you go to the 2013 playoffssays home run with our the cooper put his hands up and extend gross fell just happened to be in an angle where in and he's a great photographer and a great guy he add the i i would say the winning photo of the day that day and then there was a big rbi hit where the herald have this phenomenal thing where the guys coming out of the dugout as the wanna was crossing the play and it was all like almost like a statue and i i want to see that was matt stone if it wasn't i apologise but but that's what i'm saying like on any given day this papers gonna have this photo the next day that papers going of the best photo on this day they have a better movie review of of the movie that i just saw that or that inspired me to see you not see the movie you wanna have the two opinions every in the two looks the two faces every single day and that goes into what i was saying last night when i was on with a tom curran in bradford about how there is if the herald is downsizing in gate house concentrating positions as they say and they on a number of other papers in new england region city may double up on staff etc um less jobs fewer opportunities for journalists well yeah and that's and that's never never a good thing you know i've said this a million times before people say well you're young kid coming out of college how come your two sitting in your basement blogging online aggregating stories and my comeback always is is those jobs rican work for a newspaper in worker way up.

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