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Candace KNBR morning show with Murph and mac you can see it on your Amazon echo smart speaker by saying Alexa play K. N. B. R. and I know we gotta go I gotta tell you the Texans already blown up with automotive related pop culture good good it's a rich topic buddy yeah it's a rich topic there's many there's a few out there I want to throw at you but I'm just I I I you know I got I got a bite my tongue I know you got a split I know but I also don't want you I want to ruin your Lister or spoil your swell it's like Simone in the boathouse Murphy the purple sock in the shaking foot I gotta go Stacey I really got to go don't forget his car they put a sign on the on the on the side that little word that I almost yet on the radio today all right everybody popular thanks to coastal waters let's start right now okay from San Francisco the sports later ladies and gentlemen he's he's in line you need he's a game changer K. E. N. D. E. R. one oh four five nine six eight six three supports are you a smoker then Tuesday edition of the show we should have baseball lottery yesterday Richard really we haven't talked in a long time he's gonna since you over your lunch hour Chris rose is gonna join us he has the distinction of being both on the MLB network and NFL network you guys go back a long time it's been Gulliver's gonna join us stocks and then be a.

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