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Lee in those settings that our indoor on Lian, those massively large Settings. Otherwise, we'll make guidance recommendations, but no mandates and no mandates and no restrictions and businesses largest State Department public health have to clarify these new rules over the next 34 days. Jack Cronin, Coco knew the county's public health officials expected the same or this afternoon at their weekly briefing, but it looks like kids from 12 to 15. Could be getting covert 19 vaccination shots as soon as tomorrow. California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr Mark Galli says protection from the Corona virus is within reach for young Californians. Doctor Galli says that age group represents roughly 2.1 million people here in the state. The fact that we can now provide a certain degree of confidence and protection to those young people to start to resume. It's a tremendous opportunity for that group to sort of experience that sense of normalcy said they have been missing, according to a nationwide poll conducted by access sepsis last month, 52% of parents said they are likely to get their Children vaccinated against Cove. It 19 when a vaccine becomes available for that age group. That still leaves many parents unsure what to do. Phil Farrar, KOGO News Cove, It hits hard and baseball East and Santiago. The Padres has half of the starting lineup now out because of covert 19 protocol. It started with Star shortstop Fernando Te teach Junior who tested positive for the virus early yesterday. He's asymptomatic, the team says. But Jurickson pro far Jorge Matteo also benched for possible exposure to contact tracing manager J. Stingers said right fielder Wil Myers was a move in the field during the game with the Padres and Rockies were actually playing well tested about positive for Kobe it and that's why he had to leave the game. Another star player for a space of an era Cosmo taken out because of part of Major League Baseball's contract tracing protocol, and I've five Padre players at all out of uniform last night Myers and to teach junior Out for at least 10 days. We're told unless they were vaccinated and could produce two negative test within that time frame. The other three players placed on the injured list for seven days. Padres are playing a double header today in Colorado on Wall Street. The Dow that down day again today the Dow right now, here at the top of the hour is off 545 points. It's 12 Oh, six. Let's check the freeways now, with Coco's real time Traffic.

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