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The net was open when we had employees got sick the Inter was flipping open and we didn't sell their. I FAST FORWARD. I say to myself man not only is the Internet the place to be but today if we if we in the company I run today so do the damnation has been around for five years. And it's taken me. I don't know maybe two. Maybe three years into the two into the five-year run to really truly have an aggressive model around paying attention to what's happening online and before this we we dabbled online. But I can't really tell you that we paid attention to it. Can't really tell you that we had an aggressive model was to organically play on social media and then through that generate leads but those lease we will turn into sales off line. My mind really shifted around our ability to sell the same products and service in a different way but to sell it online where the consumer could acquire the product. Enjoy it and more importantly be satisfied enough to take the next step with us without net not necessarily interacting with. That's now I'm going to get back to that in a moment because my statement the thing. I want to make clear as I don't care what product or service you have like. It doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me. What product service you have. What product what does matter to me is at your crystal clear that your willingness to rethink the way you solve the problem. You've been solving for a long time is going to be your gateway to shift you. Turn Your company around to you putting people back to work and to you being able to actually meet your revenue goals this year concept number. Two people still have money so number one. The Internet is open twenty four hours a day seven days a week and period. There's like a period after that all right number two people stuff money there are. I mean my God. I'm I'm I'M NOT GONNA lie. I was Just yesterday a looking at the stats of the amount of people. And I'm like Zazi. Twenty five million people have filed for unemployment. What you know. It's Kinda crazy because I know that there's people who believe that we that the Great Depression was way worse etc etc. I don't know I won't call myself economists but I've been putting millions of dollars into the economy for the last fourteen fifteen years I have added millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars into the economy and having hired people fired people. I look. I'm like I'll tell you this. The Great Depression I think we hovered at about twenty six percents twenty five or plus percent unemployment during that time and right now. We're well into the twenties and I believe wholeheartedly that that number's going to continue to climb. I wholeheartedly believe that there are many people in our economy who can't file unemployment because of the nature of the work of what they do. I believe one hundred percent that this time is going to be worse. And which is why. It's all the more important for me for you to be prepared. Because regardless of the fact of the recessions here people still have money in their accounts. People have money there are still people with money are still people with lots of money. There are still people who have a little bit of money. There are people with dollars in accounts and they have cards and they have the ability to pay. But they're only GONNA pay for a product or service that they believe are going to solve a problem for them. Your question your statement to yourself is. How much are you going to solve a problem for them? How will you solve a problem? How we solve a problem. How do you take what you do in solve a problem all right concept number three before we get into the whole concept number three? Is You are going to have to get creative. You'RE GONNA half to get creative. You'RE GONNA have to get creative and not just re imagine how you solve the problem but re imagine who you might be solving the problem four and I'm GonNa leave it at that. You'RE GONNA have to get creative if you don't own a whiteboard you don't have a whiteboard near you. I can't I almost think I can't. I can't live without a white or you know. It's not a whiteboard that it's a sticky sheet and if it's not as sticky she. I mean like one of those things that office depot that cost like thirty five bucks that you tear off that big behind sticky note and stick it to wall if you don't have one of those than get smarter and use your sliding glass door or window or you're marrying your bathroom. I have made a lot of money by taking my ideas my Fox because there were many times I could not afford or I lived in a little apartment. I don't even see the little apartment was the reason but maybe it was. Why didn't have the sticky pad or the or? I was just in the heat of the moment kind of thing and I really truly needed to get my thought out. But you're going to need to brainstorm and you're going to need the space in the room to do it. Don't sleep on what I'm telling you to do here. Either get a mirror bathroom sliding glass door or window. It a dry race marker and go to town and start planning and dreaming of reimagining. But you've got to be able to get your thoughts on paper and you've got to be able to rework it many times until you land on something that will work all right now number one so the number one thing that you can the number one place that you need to turn to in order to start thinking about putting dollars in your bank account is you've got to create a product you. Your company needs a product. I don't need you to have five. But you need a product you can sell online. You need a product that you can sell online. You need a product that you can saw online. Let me give you some idea so like ninety. It's like things I know for sure I would do if I were if I were in childcare right now and I run a daycare I would one hundred percent create kits or activities and I would offer babysitting remote babysitting online in a heartbeat comes down. I've we've actually had people ask if we would say that to them and I laugh at it but the truth is that I will pay for it hands down. If I owned a restaurant I would start to sell some of our pre either special recipes or cook with a chefs online. Cook the chef. I would take a head chef. I would have people go in by the ingredients. I would do a couple hundred time like if I were at the cheesecake factory or maybe pf changs or something. Like that I would one hundred percent. Have People Cook with US Online? Your favorite raspy. I'd make a whole thing of it and I would sell the recipe time in the ability to cook. Maybe I put that in a in a community or a facebook group but for sure and I say a group meeting so that we could share my man. I have this whole thing out of so many ideas as to how a company could make money reinventing how they sell their products and services but more importantly taking a focus on one product and selling online. Here's the key you have to just sell one product. I really WANNA highlight that. It's really about the one product run now. The third thing for sure is that. I don't want you to underestimate the fact that I want to be taught so you might have in the past sold and focused on. You might have a company that sells a service in which you're doing for people and you're doing labor. You're doing the work that's involved and doing the Workington Labor's awesome. But I want to make this tiny statement. The world wants to pay you for what your company knows. The world doesn't necessarily need to pay you for what you can do. The world wants to pay you for what you know what your company knows your proprietary information there is a scarcity idea that if I give you my proprietary information that I'm going to be left without because you're GonNa have all my special stuff. You're not gonNA need anymore and it's quite the contrary. I mean we serve as people literally around the world and a couple of times a year. We run a completely one hundred percent. Free I don't WanNa say weapons because not webinars their boot camps or they're intensive they last anywhere from five to seven days. I won't say classified but we we teach our proprietary content of how to grow a business and how to grow business without an online funnel how to grow business at anytime how to grow business without any kind of right time right place thing because I built a seven figure business without an online son without a loan from a family member without a credit card in without nailing. A big contract. Right out of the gate. I started a business from zero and got to multiple and built in regard to multiple seven figures. We had a handful of employees in three offices. You know when I sold it and every time I think back to not just that company but the companies before that he built before then they weren't some bigger businesses. They were sick multiple six figure businesses. But I turned my whole life around simply by getting creative you know. Sometimes I ask myself like what's the greatest skill that a CEO can have or could strive to fight.

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