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A mixture you want to hear that song thompson twins song. That's great. see what you know. What really sucks about like Like people that listened to shell sending in stuff it shows that they have talent management's going to hear that and go why why we pay these jerk off it. Doing these guys are pretty good that email. Oh i got wolfback stuff for guys. I got all kinds of even. I played on the phone yesterday. So i'll share battle later on and once again like we said it is thunder phones today which is five one three one three seven nine seven nine when that phone rings here in the studio i just pick right up. It's a it's meets favorite thing. Oh god yes kathy. The phone rings stuff. You know on a calls count anywhere friday on hold sparred that means when the phone rings i just pick up live no matter what is going on here on the show okay But first we will go to over here to mr bryan combs. I got an angry text about you yesterday. Good say we're spreading lies and hate and stuff. So i guess what you talk about on our show is talked about anywhere probably saved the best stuff for you know right right. Y'all we got our email yesterday because we have coming up. Our countdown to the fireworks are big to to parties leading the western so the wb and fireworks. And they're at that new ovation. Yeah and we got the email yesterday saying hey we gotta spread the word that you can't go in let's vaccinated. Ag presents the place. They made it a decision for all of their Venues across the country. The promo west pavilion at ovation. We'll be requiring vaccinations or proof of a negative cova test within the last three days to gain admission to the concert or the you you could buy a fake one. But you'll have to spend a bunch of money that we interesting. How did take a picture of somebody else's i mean there's no photo. Id on it. Obviously i mean there's a tunnel ways around this i think they're they're just making a statement that This is the way who knows. It have come from their lawyers who that could very. Well be that. The lawyer said look for liability reasons. You have to tell people who come in that they need to be vaccinated or show that they don't have covert Just in case there's an outbreak at your place later and you face a lawsuit. Well but here's what i understand is what is the purpose of it if you're unvaccinated or not you could still be carrying You still be positive for even if you have vaccine. You could still be positive for it. You just not getting really sick. That's right but You know you wouldn't be spreading it to people who aren't protected them so at least if if somebody in there is offering it i see if everybody's vaccinated then They aren't gonna have serious side. Right okay okay. I mean the the point of the vaccine is that the people who've gotten it don't end up in the hospital and don't end up dying so but if if if it's it's five thousand people and everybody in arras vaccinated and in one guy shows up. He's vaccinated in his carrying it and spreads it throughout every he could spread through. Everybody could but the people who were there aren't going to get sick from it right but if they even know they have it right but if they leave they could also spread it their their world. Well so i mean so maybe it is just a liability thing. That's got you know you can say. Hey we didn't we didn't cause a super spreader event. Yeah i mean the yeah. The ceo says that You know he's going to get pushed back on. The s knows that it's not going to be a popular decision With many people but in the end he feels like know. This is going to put them as he said quote on the right side of history. Yeah and take care of performers. Come in and his workers and staff as well as the fan. Yeah i mean in all reality. They have a business to run right. I'm sure some of the performers. We can't be touring around. I have a huge staff and we saw earlier in the week with maroon. Five said you know. We're not going anywhere that doesn't require a vaccination passed so when they come to river. Bend the up. you know. People are going to be checking for vaccine cards. So ohio hasn't done anything yet. As i was done. Nothing in terms of requirements. In fact i mean the legislature. Pretty much tied. Everybody's hands at the end of their last session. They passed a law that basically said no local health departments can issue health orders on this like cincinnati health department. They wanted to say. Hey you know anybody who goes to the river ben. Yeah you know you need to have a vaccine states. You can't do that and the same way you know. Like if a hamilton county health department wanted to issue a mask mandate for all the schools as they have recommended. They can't do it while the lawmakers said no. You're not you're not allowed to do. He's up for reelection. this was the legislature. That wasn't just a governor. But yeah i mean so the state health department could still do it then you know. Those rules are reviewed by the legislature within thirty days according to the new laws so they really did tie the health. Department's hands in many ways. Imagine if Cranley starts a closed down stuff and he's running for governor. Good luck after that. I mean i. I was just listening to the governor of kentucky and You know closings capacity limits. All those things even in andy beshir's minder off the table. He said clearly. We're not going back to that. you can't event. That is not going to happen now. It feels like asking people to wear a mask is not that big of an ask to help control this latest surge but he said there's no way that they are going backwards to those other things. I gotta be honest. i'm still confused with the. You can't come in without a because you could still have it and spread it. I don't get it. 'cause you're in the mass Would make it less likely that you would spread it. Yeah yeah. I don't know because it could be a full five thousand people that have the vaccine in their bodies and still be positive and then walk out of there and still spread at the somebody who doesn't who hasn't been vaccinated or vacuum and they still get sick so i don't understand how this is helping other than making going. You're not going to have fun on our at any of our places unless you're vadnais. They require mass on top of the vaccine passports. That could be confused by in dog. Find out vaccinate thanking you know if you talked to turning or somebody maybe it's company protecting itself that's fine the come out and say that. Hey for the best interest of our god damn company to stay alive. We have to do this. Yeah but since we've got a couple of shows coming to ovation where do you think people are gonna point the fingers. They're not gonna blame us. There's no way governor. Doug you said yesterday you said you know the schools. If you're getting feedback from parents and getting graph. Just tell them it's my fault. Blame me. I'm fine with security yup close to you. Yeah wealth. we'll see a black label. Society show is almost sold out over. That's i guess but that's an ohio. It's going to get confused because within thirty minutes you can drive into kentucky to indiana back to ohio so when people are like going to indiana to do something you've got to figure out. What are the rules in indiana for a concert or going indoors. And then you're in kentucky like wait a minute and then you're like oh no. I live in ohio. Yeah it's gonna be such a cluster in my losing something here. Am i the whole thing about 'cause they say even if you're vaccinate you could carry the whole thing with the vaccinations that you're not going to get really sick on the right. Okay i mean so what's the difference between being vaccinated or not going into a show. I don't get off. You're not vaccinated. You could essentially die. And go into the icu. Right catching it or you could just catch it and you have minor symptoms. But here's the thing everybody is different. It goes back to the argument or like well. This person do. They were one hundred years old. Yeah cancer why. I don't know john. I'm kind of confused. Our grasping at straws..

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