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How to throw the very best Kentucky Derby party. So we need an expert thus. We have cooking with Caitlyn's very own Caitlyn. You can catch her tomorrow at three pm on fifty five k r c Caitlyn all of the guys at the stations are pretty much obsessed with talking about betting. I don't care about that. I want to throw the most kick ass derby party. And I want to do it the traditional way. So tell me what kind of dishes, I need to be serving at my Kentucky Derby party. Front question. So I am lucky to spend a lot of last year in Kentucky and even getting hit. And in the center of where the Kentucky Derby occurred. Yeah. So I would say the three basing that you need are a Kentucky Brown derby pie. And of course, Mitchell. So as long as you have three people that I think that you are going to the best party in the neighborhood easily. So which one do you wanna start with do you wanna start with a Kentucky hot Brown because maybe some degree? It's so good. It's so good. Amazing. Probably I if I can, you know, my humble opinion, you're the expert, but one of the most delicious things in the world. Oh, I mean, it is it is bacon and six thirty fresh tomatoes bread. And then mother in the most amazing like cheese Greenville, so. Yep. You can't really go wrong in that situation. There you can do it like the traditional way and kind of like big quantities and everybody gets their own or you could even do hint held kind of like make it an appetizer. Just simply by pressing white bread into mini muffins. And then finally everything and cheating at the very end. That's like an easy way to make it an appetizer. Do you need to get actual Turkey. Like a real Turkey that you bake yourself for this. Or can you get fixed Leist cold cuts from the Delhi? I've always wondered, and I've never been able to ask somebody so masking you well, the beautiful thing about being undefended. The Ohio river is that we don't necessarily have to follow the rules to and not offend anyone. So whatever easiest in whatever way. You're trying to whatever application you're trying to get a work. I mean, the traditional style is roasted Turkey Brad takes like, but if you're doing an advertiser form, you can definitely get sick like belly meat, or if you even want to make it kind of like sandwich, though, it's more hand held if you're having more of like a like, a fun backyard situation for the derby than that, you can do the deli need for that. So no mint juleps. I have been told that they are somewhat difficult, and then that they are not difficult. And it just depends on the person that you're talking to. I would say the people that say difficult are either people who are usually people who don't make cocktail they're 'cause in all honesty in order for something to be considered a Mitchell of you just need great bourbon little water and powder gender in fresh Mitch. And then I is important watcher like the ice they haven't purchased where it's easily Chewable. And you know, that is the best because. Yes heavily in the best option. But yet you can do it. If you want to do a single shortcut, you can easily make a simple, Sarah, which is just eagle part sugar and water and boiling, it you can even add them. It's too simple syrup to cut in entire step in that will make the process even easier for the derby pie are even technically allowed to use that I know it's trademarked. Funny. It is trademarked by a family. I wanna say the Kern family somewhere in Kentucky Derby pie. So. Yes yet. Third. I yeah. Dirty pi-, essentially the conflict, which is chocolate chips added a person was ever served at Melrose in. But I mean, if you just call it a chocolate chip conkrite that you're serving a derby party, maybe get in legal trouble. The curve family. But yeah, I mean, it's another classic people that you can you could buy for con by it. He wanted to really bypass all the hard stuff and just covered in chocolate chips in the for a little bit or you can make homemade because everything homemade is a little bit better. So we'll kind of I know that the traditional recipe I believe calls for bourbon in the pie. I'm a huge fan of bourbon in anything. But what other kind of foods, can you kind of add into your, you know, your Kentucky themed event for Kentucky Derby, that's bourbon infused bourbon infused. Definitely question. Well, if you ever wanted to like, simple dessert, or some I think it's really fun, especially when you kind of create a really interactive bar if you will something that people don't want. It doesn't have to stand behind in man all night long, but just giving people options on different or syrups or garnishes that they can play to make their own specialty cocktail, you know, in regard to cooking with bourbon. I think it's fun. If you do like, a bourbon glaze, he or yeah, easing. Bourbon is a really great thing. She doesn't use in regards to anything. You would add the knowledge he'll move. You're baking cookies you can substitute with bourbon instead of vanilla. Extract that you usually see massive so yeah, you can use it any which way honestly, Kaitlyn. I'm just trying to when I go to the liquor place. I buy three balls a bourbon, I won't be able to say, I'm cooking baking with bourbon today. So that I get less judgment. That's really basically what I'm asking you to help me create a story for cooking with Caitlin Caitlin herself. Is joining us to talk about how to throw a kick ass derby party. What are you going to be doing for derby? All well, I would love to say I would be wearing large hot and just the big Mitchell. But I have a very strong feeling might I will be delighted many they can take pride situation. Bill O important situation to manage. I mean, you've got to trust people with with no how and ability in that situation. So you can only this a blessing people are like can handle this, right? I always get the invitation as to whether I have to cook. Or not in the any of the question. But. To you. I bet that happens all the time. Now in honesty, I'm much better at cooking than I am small. So I will say behind the any day of the week when it comes to a party like this. I always hear people say, you know, they always talk about what to do for the derby party that you're throwing tomorrow. Can we talk about how ridiculous that is? Because for me, personally, I have to go to the store I have at least four or five days in advance to know. And I'm like, how unrealistic is it to just say, hey, just pop over to the party store and get all of your fixings for hot Brown, which is not the easiest thing to make. Well, I mean anyone see there's things that you can do to make it easy. You know, the basic ingredient of a hop on our easy on his bread baking Turkey tomato in Cheetos, if you wanna simplify the chief us, I mean, it's it's like classic French technique in regards to sticking with the ruin then folding in the cheese. But if you get heavy. Whipping cream and kind of emerge in golden a bit difference where boiling up in add. I would always recommend adding I'm not cheese like a neutral mozzarella or something like that. Then some sharp now, you're like agreer that doesn't necessarily melt twelve, but it adds the most flavor to thing back be to restrain greed yet cheaper that is super easy and Alicia, right? Because the is is like honestly, the most intimidating part of the hot Brown is the cheese sauce. Because it takes more time in multiple dishes. And you know, when you're somebody like me is more concerned. Like, I said with making sure all the bourbon is stocked. It's a little a little bit much in all. So the when I was on top chef of the very first jobs we ever did. We they said that the derby is the fact that sporting events in the world and just meeting with in like less than two minutes. The entire thing is over, you know, so they, but it is true. The it's all about mixing and mingling, and whatever you have comfortable, I would say the food secondary to the bourbon Kentucky Durban derby. And just make sure that you have enough to not a people will be sitting on. No your show's coming up tomorrow. You're not you're so well you coming up tomorrow on your show. We'll be talking about different recipes that we've been playing on things that now that brings his friendly sprung weird to share. And then, of course, are really bourbon. So. Yes. To bet you had me. You had me a bourbon good. Caitlyn? Thank you so much for joining us. Of course, thank you for having me believe it or not Caitlyn, and I have never hung out. But I feel like we should just because we both love food. And it seems like we both love bourbon, which is the makings of a great friendship. You can catch her again on cooking with Caitlin tomorrow at three fifty five k r c coming up. We're going to be talking about one of the biggest news stories happening this week. That has gripped the nation. A headline that is kind of unbelievable. And we're gonna talk about how the state of Illinois is basically compliant.

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