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What was the interns like this can work but they can be difficult to really pinpoint count the i mean you look at a film lega guzman cents film to die for which was a black comedy about someone's don't always very very violent and and nasty but somehow eight works because you've got someone with quite a little talent at the helm and i suppose did the difficulty is that these sorts of films on for every one at how did it come across the eu will at first because of watched twice and at first i i had to clinton the middle because i didn't get in with with the pace of it it's quite bouncy it almost seems like an advertisement sometimes and it's easy to say that because craig glaspie's made advertisements but it's it's very sort of in your face it starts off very quickly mugrabi is amazing and after while you begin to settle into the sort of this vibe this it's a period movie it looks period allison janney plays a tongue his mother levona believes move on and who just it just can't speak without swearing and she wants to make her daughter who i believe with her her father was at her third child her fifth child from her fourth husband i can't remember for that all into the skating champion the and it starts off really quite heartbreaking because at the age of four she was winning skating championships above older girls and this girl didn't have any money who just loved skating she loved it but she's from the wrong wrong demographic for skate for ice skating ice skating was supposed to be for ladies as so what how do the characters of at a depicted here uh come off of a are they likely to be looking at this with old wits oscar glory and be thinking i'm glad that i'm finally back in the spotlight.

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