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The. New York. was she was she had to go to the Bronx I, put a bronx which had on the PA. All. We address around a whole year. Bobby Cologne and then end up, and then I ended up by a car would you gotta permit? Wow, wow. Wow. That was that's why I said. That's why I. Drive, you around by Dr. Copter. Brown. Was Super Super. Uber Illit is the bomb, right? Brown. Brow was at that point he has some super vaginal viatical high. Now now. I'm. Holding steadfast bar we. My Beloved Tania Year suspended rock that car now browse making me nervous. Now he's talking about the liability. Yes You have an incredible story, my friend. I wake to wake my book come out. So row. So so an moment of weakness or like what if that? Badly that cine talks about Komo crab and you know this is your in love and. Barbara. That that morning sex barbeque along that morning that whole thing and you have all that morning activity brown in the young lady jumper Kgalema cases. You know this is. That the. Right. Finished up last baby get myself together I'll take. Brown this is. Actually question you got. You just went. He eight. Not. Want you to. Know. Catch myself to get myself. Again. Give you. Back now after I finish eating together..

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