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From his home in charlottesville. Virginia is jamal. Buoy is new york times opinion columnist and cbs news political analyst. Welcome thank you for having me. I am eager to talk about this series. I think you should leave with tim. Robinson was created by robinson zach cannon robinson had a brief stint on snl as a featured player then later he and his friends sam. Richardson created the much missed. Comedy central series detroiters. Each season of. I think you should leave. His only six episodes long and those episodes tend to clock in somewhere between fifteen and twenty minutes so even though many of the characters featured are intentionally off-putting no sketch or episode. Overstays its welcome. This season's guest stars include bob odenkirk. Tim heidegger sam richardson. Paul walter houser. John early and pattie harrison jamila. What do you make enough. I think you should leave season two so i loved the first season and so many of its moments have made basically made their way into kind of my everyday language especially on the internet. I think several memes from that show. That are more or less ubiquitous at this point and i love the second season as well but i think there's a big difference. I feel that the first season leaned heavily on absurdity whereas this one there's still plenty of absurd moments. But i felt that route. It was much more attuned to sort of the melancholy. All these characters of how they are at a place how they do not actually know how to behave and socially conventional ways in you right is us watching them struggle very hard to do what they think might be the right thing or the acceptable thing and they are incapable of doing it but the extent to which that was dominant this season meted feel just like a little not sad but like melancholy. These are these are unhappy. People definitely definitely. And i think you know. Look at the end of the day. This is just a very funny often profoundly stupid Sketch show and that's all. It needs to be right and and try to take it any further than that to kind of declare that at some kind of hugely relevant referendum on the current state of american maleness is really reaching for it except in the sense that it is so clearly a hugely relevant referendum on the current state of american maleness. I mean yeah. There's a lot of poop jokes but every sketch ends up being about unearned. Confidence unearned power a lack of accountability and this utter conviction this blythe belief that you can keep getting away with the stuff. You've always gotten away with you. Got the guy so incensed that his boss scheduled meeting on his lunch break that he shoves a hotdog up his jacket sleeve so we can sneak bites of it during the presentation because he thinks he can get away with it guy convinced that he and only he can break the tension of this group vacation with a blues brother's dance routine in front of everyone despite the fact that it really upsets the dogs and it turns everybody on each other because he thinks he can get away with a guy who interprets. This tour guides throwaway line about this being the tour for adults as an excuse to ask wildly filthy questions. I'm just asking you to use a little bit more judgment when you talk. I don't know what is going on but somewhere are wires got crossed your saying. We're allowed to swear. I'm saying big fat little and horse in your getting mad. You see where i'm like. He thinks he can get away with it. There's definitely a through line here. And that sadness that you mentioned is such a big part of it. I mean yes. It's cringe comedy. It's anti comedy but it's more than that. It does have its own distinctive voice. And did you notice schimmel that that most of these sketches don't end on a big laugh they just end right which was actually of a contrast from the first season. My folks the first season actually andrew laughs much more often but this one often ended on your on just sort of a abrupt end to the moment in. I'll say in addition to the sketches involving these men who are essentially inhumanly stubborn. They're also the occasional sketches. And i'm thinking of when later in a later episode of the season where a character to get along with male friends to car game makes a joke about his wife and then there's basically a flashback to his wonderful loving relationship with his wife and he leaves the car game and there's barely even a gag there. It's just sort of this man's profound regret at having made a joke at his wife's expense. yeah absolutely. there's this sweetness there. There's also surprising sweetness at the end of that tour guide. Sketch and i was trying to think about this right because There was a series last year called moon base eight on showtime about these three doofus astronauts. Tim heidegger fred. Arniston john c reilly and that show exuded some of the same kind of born on third base idiocy. This show does kinda hated it. It came out right about the time of the election. And i just thought you know. These dudes are so thick on the ground right now. I don't wanna spend any time with them. So i was trying to figure out why i love this show so much which vibrates kind of on the same frequency. Is that one. Did i think there's something about how much robinson commits which is In total that end up eating this up with a big old spoon. It's that he's careful. As you mentioned before there's this thoughtless entitled toxic masculinity and the sense of perpetual grievance that has made a lot less toxic because these characters have a need to never admit they're wrong and that is so big and so much a part of who they are that it is a lot very familiar but also so pitiable soaring pathetic that it renders it surprisingly in this particular case harmless. Do you agree now. I think that's exactly right evy. Pitiable is the right word. I it how you feel. Sorry these men for not being able to just let go like go. Whatever you know. stubbornness they have or at a resentment behalf. Or whatever should've will to do something they have and it's interesting. 'cause there's at least one sketch for sort of the central character is woman and it's interesting how i think it's very funny but it just like hates different than when it's the men involved and i haven't thought deeply enough about why it hits different but there is something to how the show really is keyed in on a particular kind of male personality. Yeah what it does. This season is it allows in a queer. Comedians like John early and pattie harrison harrison was a guest on the first season two. But for me i agree. It's interesting to see how that toxicity and belligerence kind of intersects to show us that. That isn't solely confined to straight man. Full can be just belligerent. Jerks like everyone else but you mentioned the shows meam ability and that is i think a huge part of its appeal. And that's why. I keep coming back to the word relevant here but if listeners think they don't know the show they probably do because they've probably seen the me of robinson and hot dog suit and that meam comes from a sketch about a hotdog mobile crashing into the front of men's clothing store and we pan around the crowd wondering who did it who did it and we we see robinson in a hot dog suit. Hot dog costume saying we're all wondering who did this. You know it's driving me nuts. It could literally be any one of us know it. Couldn't your dress like a hot dog. So is that guy. Oh no donald might look like a hot dog. But you're wearing an actual hot dog costume. I think it's interesting. How that stupid. Very stupid idea has remained such a powerful on and why people are picking up and running with especially in this current political climate. Yes i it's because so many of the people who are in power are often simultaneously responsible for the that face the country but also maintain this pose of total innocence of those ills that kind of dynamic which is is very much a part of not just that sketch which is very very from scott's but to many of the sketches in the show i think would robinson is capturing in the absurdity again or is this particular male personality type that happens to be berry overrepresented in.

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