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We talked about it during cross saga, but Mason before we get to Kevin, Love's quotes on LeBron amino Hassen is hanging out with us. Brian cabinets been lines host today here on this show Ben. Where does that movie? Right? You are the you are the movie guy like, where's that one like I, if you is if it's on like is it an automatic stop? I think it is. It's one of those three hour love epic movies that don't have epoch special effects. Right. And that movie is Connie in big, and there's so many great performances that, yeah, if you are hung over on Saturday, waiting for Michigan to kick off and it's on somewhere. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, she does grain that movie fo- Seymour Hoffman's devastating in though costumes, and it's also Paul Thomas Anderson like it's so hard to be a director in modern movies where you're the star right, where people come to see your work, and he is of that caliber of like seventies autour making we. So yeah, that's an awesome. Yeah. I mean, you're a big fan, them move, man. What's momentum? William Macy. Yeah. That's like the most memorable character to me. For all the wrong reasons, for sure for everything about so well acted so well shot. The soundtrack with writable with the trag is question. Was that that first movie with took Mark Wahlberg seriously? Oh, yeah. I would say before that it was like a lot of like I don't go. I don't know fear coal forever, like bad. Sort of teenage movie. I felt diaries I think was before boogie nights. Maybe basketball diaries though you could say the same, like a really, you could argue it was a function of casting right as much as anything, but he was really good. No. What was the one that it was like a like a hitman or what was it called? The keyboard buying right now. He had bokram Woodbine had him had Lou diamond Phillips. The train, the big that was what I thought of Mark wolrd. Those type of movies run the big hit and the corrupter. Yeah, like just cheesy movies and then boogie nights came on my wow, he's actually so famous for so long. He's in those Rockin Jack game is you know he's on those? No, I would love to see those like, man, you know, unlike MTV pitch for MTV. Your modern version rock gel games. E games. Oh, yeah. Have have like celebrities playing the? No my God. Yeah, totally while you're welcome. Okay. By Viacom, send me the check later if you want. So Kevin love said this to Brian win horse. Brian horse did a column today about who's gonna join LeBron. Right. And so he asked Davis column over? Yes. So yes, LeBron about what our Kevin love about what it's like playing LeBron and this was kind of the quote that stuck out. You have to be resilient and had a lot of hard nights. There were some dark times, but I always believed to keep fighting. I was stubborn about it and LeBron make sure that you have a chance to win every year. He's gotten a lot of guys rings. Now, look. I understand that, but LeBron's now for everyone as you know, there's this notion of, oh, it should be easy. I mean, in theory, but we talked about it a little bit yesterday with your brother Bryan which was Lucas preaching, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. And I'm like that al-sounos cool and yes, everyone needs to sacrifice, but he's really not talking to LeBron like he's talking to everyone else. Everybody else not name LeBron. So that's where the sacrifice Ron is going to sacrifice in the sense of the Lakers are going to play fast. LeBron me part of the team, the plays. Fasten LeBron's never played fast except Brown is okay with playing fast. So it's not sacrificed, right? He's not being asked to do something he doesn't like to do when they figure out who's going to be the small ball five. When you looked on the roster, the guy who's best equipped do it, and it's not even close is LeBron right? The guy least likely to do it more than you know, a couple times a game is also liberal..

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