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He is now a Philadelphia eagle after the eagles trade. Eight third round pick to the Detroit Lions to acquire the wide receiver to add to their depth at the wide receiver position give Carson Wentz another weapon. So what we have on tap today. Four press conferences, I that typical Doug Peterson press conference from Monday where he goes over updates on injuries and thoughts on the team moving forward. And all that. But the main course is how he Roseman talking about how he acquired golden Tate right before the trade deadline in a very aggressive move to win now move. Let's see how it pans out. But let's hear from the man himself. How that trait came about why it made sense for him. So I we're going to have Doug Peterson. And then the second press conference will. Howie roseman. We will be back later today with the kissed and Solex show to talk about how golden tape fits in with this offense. What it means for the other players for the other wide receivers tight ends the weapons in this offense. How they all work together. How we think they should use golden Tate where he wins and whatnot. And we also had the emergency show that drop yesterday talking about our immediate reactions to the trade when it happened. Make sure you go check that out. We get into some details there too. So check that out. But for now, let's get to these press conferences next van. Good afternoon. Hustling, actually. As of this press conference right now because the lateness of getting back we've pushed treatments back. So I don't have any updates at this point. Jalen is all the guys get Nick up in the game. The IRA or decisions coming up is there. Anybody? Though, the injured reserve does have a lot of order desert. Anybody that's close in your estimate. Tune being active. We got a couple of guys that you know, that that we're going to evaluate here in the next couple of weeks. But you know, I mean, Richard Rogers is one of those guys he got hurt in preseason into easy's getting close. You know, MAC Holland's is air. Mike Wallace's is going to be you know, a little bit later because of the lateness of his his injury. And then of course, you know, being on the activists sproles pros is another one that we're going to continue to monitor each each day each week. And you know, these guys are doing a heck of a job with their rehab, obviously they want to get back out on the field. And and we got some time this week to to get them. Ready NC Herat next week the running backs the group this shared impaired alleged year, you know, the Garrett last year really gave you a strong short yardage kind of force kind of guy. Do you think you have that? Or are you hoping Josh can be that guy where you think those yards? I think we have that guy. If you watch if you watch and go back and watch the game. I call it. A few more third into third and three runs in the game that we converted. And of course, Josh was in the game at the time when Dell had some tough front tough the fans the game to ice the game, basically. So we're very comfortable Corey is another one that can can get us those yards in really a lot of that starts up front a lot. Our offense of line blocked extremely well against tremendous front against Jacksonville in I feel real comfortable with you know, the guys we have back there. You mentioned that you'd hope this Tripathi kind of galvanizing for the team are there signs that it was that. Yeah. Yeah. I honestly the way the way we played four quarters. You saw the enthusiasm. You saw the excitement went to players team. You know afterwards. Just I mean we were together for about two NAFTA aids. Really? And and it's it's really good to to be able to do that. Now, this is why is is a great trip. Great timing for the trip, obviously and the guys handled their business extremely wet treated like a business trip. Like, we always do we went on the road..

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