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At six he continues his ongoing investigation into a cancer cluster on, lake Norman as it, turns out the state health department has known for years that a lot of thyroid cancer around, the lake but apparently did nothing with. The information I guess it's just frustrating because seems like it could have been avoided thera- people that knew about it and nothing. Was done Twenty two year old McKenzie Myers. Wishes the state of North Carolina had warned residents living around lake Norman that they were at a higher risk for thyroid cancer She grew up here love spending time in, the water with their friends during a routine? Checkup her doctors spotted, a, problem? The first thing the, doctor, noticed was my neck and I. Was she was like are you having. Trouble preening having trouble swallowing and, I was like no? Why and she was, like. Well you have masks on, your neck, so MacKenzie. Had to see a specialist doctors were like commanders ask you where are you from and I was like mooresville she goes And. I was like why, she goes because you're not the first person around your age to be. Coming here from mooresville MacKenzie. Was in fact one of nearly four hundred people living around the lake to develop, thyroid cancer since the mid nineties that's a? Lot of thyroid cancer, for, one? Area and experts think, the, numbers may actually be much higher. MacKenzie was quickly scheduled for surgery they. Removed the entire thyroid and then, like a month later? I was doing the, radioactive. Iodine treatment Doctors are required by law to report cancer cases to. The, North Carolina cancer registry and the registry is supposed to analyze the data. To pinpoint geographic areas with cancer problems but in the case of all the thyroid cancer around lake, Norman the state did not analyze. The data tape sat on the data and did nothing with it until. They were called out Susan. Wind began calling out the State Department of, health after her sixteen year old daughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer Susan began digging to state had this data for years, negligence actually the state central cancer registry has numbers going back more than twenty years this show a. High number of thyroid cancers in two specific zip codes around. The lake very disturbing and I'm very concerned about it and I've just thankful. That Susan wind is brought this really tu light that's mooresville, mayor miles Atkins he wants the state Get to the bottom of why there's. So much thyroid cancer around the lake I do think. What's frustrating those knowing that the data was there that indicated. That there were a high concentration of thyroid cancer cases and. That, nobody really did anything with it information ahead of the state's cancer registry. Would not do an interview but state epidemiologist Jess Renske did talk to me she brushed off the, mayor's criticism so when the mayor, of mooresville says that he thinks the state has kind of dropped the. Ball here what what do. You think about them So I think. That, would be a question better directed. To then they are we ate these concerns very seriously so. What is the state doing to learn why there's so. Much thyroid cancer on lake Norman, basically nothing, to, state has not interviewed anyone correct. We have, not interviewed any. Patients just Rynski admits the State Department of health is actually waiting for the results of a study that's being done around the lake by Duke University an indepth study designed to find out what's causing all the thyroid cancer. But the state had nothing to do with starting that study instead it was commissioned by Susan wind she raised one hundred thousand dollars to make the study happen the fact that. The state is like we're investigating it and then when you ask, them they're like, oh we're waiting for the study. Commissioned I mean it's it's pathetic. Having that Duke research team is really helpful to both the state and the county just Renske did not. Explain why the state never did anything With all. Of the firearm cancer data it collected but she acknowledged it was a private. Citizen who brought the problem to. Their attention to have one private citizen leading this charge and going to the extent she's gone, to, bring awareness to this issue the state, really. Needs to step up what do you think about the fact that the state new going back as far as nineteen ninety five I think it's super messed up that's seventeen year. Old cat Lynn she grew up on lake Norman she was just diagnosed, with thyroid cancer back in may this mistake has caused people. Emotionally, and mentally mistake being that the. State didn't notice that there was a problem here not fake. Didn't notice it's that they didn't acknowledge it as important. So now we have to live, with it, mayor, miles Atkins and others think that. If the, state had alerted. Residents local doctors could have caught many of the thyroid issues much earlier through screening the medical community that have been testing for early spent aware As a possible cause of all the thyroid cancer around the lake many people think it's connected to Duke energy's Marshall steam plant possibly from the coal lash that's buried their energy however insists there's. No connection with their plant and health. Issues so for now a lot of waiting going on at lake Norman waiting for that detailed study from? Duke University meantime Susan wins phone. Keeps chiming have like tons of. Messages a week as new cancer. Victims are diagnosed we have a new person yesterday she's. Twenty-eight thyroid thyroid cancer zip code everybody should be demanding that we do something that's Mark garrison reporting the study being, done by. Duke University. Should be done in a few months on. All of the thyroid cancer around lake Norman seven twelve your time on NewsTalk eleven ten WBZ we'll check in with, the governor Pat mccrory coming up at seven twenty right now more headlines from, the news center and back to Johnstone four point four earth Quake last night, rattling the Los Angeles metro area we were just having dinner and all of a sudden the building just heaved in which rate up in. The air was like two big balances we looked up all the roof tiles were kind of like the whole. Roof, was moving and all the lights were no reports of. Any buildings actually, going up in the air the quake though was, throughout most of southern California and independent investigation. Ordered, by Puerto Rico's government now says twenty nine hundred people died within six months the. Result of hurricane. Maria the official death toll had. Been sixty four this new, report also. About double the government's previous interim estimated fourteen hundred sentencing phase can. Today for a former Texas police officer convicted of murdering an unarmed black teenager last year Royal officer ROY Oliver an officer in, Baulch, springs when he fired a new car full. Of teens leaving a party in the Dallas suburb the CDC says, new cases of Clemencia gonorrhea and syphilis spike nearly ten percent last year for your treadmill rising Sexually transmitted diseases in the US, the stats show two, point two nine million new cases of these STD's diagnosed in twenty seventeen BT.

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