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There? Conditions difficult, still rescued by helicopter boats. And is the magnitude of the situation a huge area Tacoma isolated areas. Dispersed and trees in rooftops over huge areas. The cover that area with the weather conditions and the current within the hordes extremely hazardous. If you look at some of the TV pictures satellite images and so on. Looks almost as if the ocean is coming land is that still the case that level of flooding. The area is around twenty five. One hundred and twenty five dollars. There is informational reports from the water that was our starting to which is great. Well, it's still a massive area of of the area zombie which is still completely submerged. I've also read reports of people having to flee snakes that have been disturbed also by the water. Of course, is that a relatively isolated incident or a major problem. I don't know. Specifically one is definitely clear is exposed to the elements for days were the hot sunshine. When when the sun is out of the reins. Oh. Mosquitos a big. Disposables studios in any open for days, which is going to have. Impact on the levels of malaria for Sean. And then these are people who are in a weakened state as well. Not just malaria water borne diseases must be a concern to absolutely is desperate. When you when you stop and think about this. What people are going through is is pretty desperate star. It's the water. Just been out in the editors. Slows malaria. Is pretty desperate stuff and in all this tremendously. Depressing and difficult news are there moments where your team find some little point of hope rescue at a. Just a moment where things go much better than could have been expected. My organization is not. Involved in sexual recipe. What we've been doing is delivering. Humanitarian assistance to this house. Once they're identifying located with using helicopters taking. Emergency humanitarian aid and always the the more. We get to the people in the post positive reaction. Table where you're able to provide them with some shelter in the form of a ten to or. Awesome. Initial drinking water. The relief of people is is encouraging for us to help us. Keep. Right. So but us from at Care International speaking to us live from Mozambique Zambia. Of course, new die has also devastated large parts of Malawi and Zimbabwe where the death toll has risen to one hundred and thirty nine the World Food Program estimates that two hundred thousand people have been affected in Jim Anini, the hardest hit area in Zimbabwe. The road has finally been rebuilt, which means aid can reach villages that need it. The most the BBC Schengen Nyoka visited the area and said this report. Families have kept vigil for days on the banks of a river. Dozens mostly women up hearing down into the water as a chainsaw.

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