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This is Kim Gordon overcast sixty seven at O'Hare. Alderman, Marge Llerena wanna mayor emanuel's closest allies announced today. She will not seek reelection ending fifty three years of her family service. That's according to the sand times. Laurino says it's time. I've been here through six elections, Illinois, Senator dick Durbin praising his colleague, John McCain. After the Zona Republicans, family announced. He was discontinuing medical treatment for brain. Cancer determined courageous tough those are the words German uses to describe McCain who was a prisoner of, war in Vietnam for more than five and a half years turbans says when he, first met him he was starstruck Illinois Democrat, says he knows that in the closing hours minutes of his life, McCain will continue, to show that. Same courage he is, head for his country his whole life John McCain he says is an American hero Judy pilot WGN news vice president. Pence speaking at a Republican national lawyers association luncheon. In, Washington today commenting on the confirmation process of supreme. Court nomination the supreme court nomination abroad cavenaugh five Senate Democrats announced they. Were opposed to President Trump's nominee. To the supreme court. Before President Trump nominated judge Brett, cavenaugh, that's not advise and consent that, is simply. Obstruct and oppose Democratic, Senator Dianne John Feinstein tweeting, this afternoon, that judiciary committee Democrats have requested Kavanagh's hearing beat PROST pound democratic lawmakers have been pushing for, the release. More documents related to Kavanagh's past work President Trump says he's. Directed secretary of state Mike Pompeo to delay a, trip to North Korea citing insufficient progress on denuclearization Trump lay some blame on China's saying. He does, not believe China is helping, because of are, much tougher trading stance with China the national guard and firefighters on the big, island of Hawaii have rescued six people who. Are trapped in a flooded home, as hurricane lane. Unleashes torrential, rain no, one was hurt the. Northwest Indiana father of two boys who died in the kankakee, river this week have been formerly charged, investigators say thirty four year old Eric Patillo tested. Positive for both heroin and marijuana his four and two year old sons were pulled from the water unresponsive on Tuesday fire crews and blue island are investigating. An early morning fire at the historic maple tree in blue island fire chief Dan Rita says they believed the building is salvageable but it was an intense fight,.

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