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Thirty. This is KCRW. News headlines are next live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine Herbst. President Trump says he walked away from a possible deal with North Korea because the north wanted all US sanctions lifted but in a rare news conference North Korea's foreign minister says they only ask for partial sanctions relief. And peers rob Schmitz says this puts South Korea in a tough spot that but the China is likely okay with no deal being reached China's leadership prefers the status quo. North Korea remains a mildly threatening buffer state between China and US troops on in South Korea. In a lack of a nuclear agreement keeps North Korea in play when it comes to US China relations. In other words, Beijing can continue to use it's close relationship with North Korea as currency in its negotiations with the US NPR's, rob Schmitz at the UN, a divided Security Council rejected competing US and Russian draft resolutions on the crisis in Venezuela. And if a solo reports rush. Shia and China vetoed. The US sponsored measure the US draft resolution called for free incredible presidential election and uninterrupted delivery of humanitarian assistance in contrast. Russia's proposal stressed that the Venezuelan government would retain control over any foreign aid at the meeting Moscow's UN ambassador accused the US of seeking regime change. Meanwhile, US on ROY Elliot Abrams said strongly that all options around the table. Linda Fasulo reporting real financial markets. Asian markets were higher by the bell. The Nikkei up just over one percent. This is NPR. Mount kenya. Africa's second highest mountain is engulfed in fire local communities and forestry and Wildlife Services along with private conservation. Groups are trying to control it NPR's ofeibea Quist arcton reports the fire is believed to have been started by illegal marijuana. Farmers who were clearing land the fire on Mount Kenya. Started six days ago, and is reported to be burning on two fronts. Spread by strong winds and high temperatures Kenya has limited resources to fight vise of this magnitude, the blaze is blamed on farmers clearing an area to plant marijuana. The flames have also raised acres of moorland and are now threatening indigenous forests, including bamboo, east Africa hosts, the largest natural bamboo forests in Africa. Experts say the Mount Kenya is also threatening one of five highlands zones known as Kenya's water towels which feed rivers and provide most of the country's freshwater ofeibea Quist arcton NPR news Applejack Pakistan, civil aviation. Authority is beginning to reopen its airspace. Now allowing travel to four major cities authority sale commercial flights will resume Monday. It's been closed to domestic and international flights for days because of continuing military tensions with neighboring India. And you as futures contracts are trading in positive territory this morning, the Dow futures contract and s and p five hundred futures contract both up more than six tenths of a percent. I'm Janine Herbst. NPR news in Washington. CNN this week for KCRW news. You're gonna hear all about the explosive national stories coming from Washington and how they might affect your life here in southern California. From analysis of Michael Collins testimony on Capitol Hill to gun control legislation passing in the house..

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