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Him bein. the incubus donors herb. I'll explain why. I'm jonathan with the mindset and this is a podcast version of a meta analysis article that i wrote about this urban that you may not have heard of but you might want to try it like i did as always i'm going to have all the sources and references and all those links through the link below wherever you are listening to this over there on limitless mindset is where i organize all of that also got some cool pictures to go along with this that you may want to take a gander at and you. You'll him by is an interesting one primarily for the gentleman that like to spend a lot of time moving around heavy stuff in the gym. So if you got a jim bro in your life. And i bet you do. If you're listening to this you're probably gonna want to share this with them. They may have heard of yo him bind and there's actually some mistakes that are pretty common with it that i'm going to discuss here and it would just be a good thing for that kind of dude or do debt potentially to know about so pleased to share this one around. Let's dive in you. Combine is a fat burning nutraceutical with a dark side. And it's worth the attention of those seeking to sculpt themselves into an adana or those intent on reincarnating a tribal african chiefs. Who beato that sounds like fun. Doesn't it although. I would not recommend this putin performance enhancer to everyone. There's a couple of specific use cases that it's quite good for which this podcast is going to share. That all with you as always this is mostly going to focus on decoding with the human studies are saying about the supplement in question and how this squares up with the anecdotal experiences of bio hackers and bodybuilders and self experimenters talking online for more of my own personal experiences thoughts and comparisons. You're going to want to see the a written and video review which can be found in the sidebar. This article i actually did. A comparison of you him bein with another popular workout performance. Enhancer and i actually like the other one more. So you're probably gonna check that out. I would say before you order anything or ingest anything. So let's talk about history. You'll him behind verse you him. Bay is also sometimes how it's pronounced so this is a supplement derived from the bark of the corinth. You'll be west african tree. You have no doubt seen it countless times in documentaries about africa and new doubt..

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