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Wow, felt some pretty impressive flying. See, almost as Hood is you might. No, ma'am. Better. Well, now you must be hungry. I have some of scientists, cookies here and milk. Go on, eat up. Don't be shy. Very kind of you, but only know I did coming into your house with those letters. Constant punish Piper from my mistake. He would have completed his mission in record time. If he'd been flanked Sowa. I see don't listen to her male without Manny. We wouldn't have found the four letters and hoped all those kids. If you're going to punish anyone. Punish me. Well, now it seems I have a problem because you see my deers I don't want to punish any longer. You don't? I'm sorry to disappoint you. I don't understand. Wasn't a say on the mission to learn. My lesson was nice was to double check the list and maybe even set a record this something I'd like to read. Dear center, I work in the Department of letters and I saved these letters because these kids took the time to write to you. What is it? It's new. I love to for Santa. I know I'm not supposed to read them, but to me there more than just something new feed into a machine to get toy requests. When you see the paper, the kids right on and the stamp, they chose their own handwriting. Well, you can almost a year them. Well, I can any way to me like a guy named Jack. They are to me too many. I knew Right Then you belonged on the check it twice, mission, Ms, deceive, read. Of course. You mean you wanted me to go with Piper. It wasn't to teach me a lesson. It was for you to teach each other as I do believe you have. In fact, you've talk all of us. Everyone back at the North Pole is waiting for your return. They've planned quite a celebration, me half even its. Oh yes. Yes, even the Chief you see my ideas for quite some time, Santa and I had been worried that in our rushed to be efficient and making our list, We are missing important things. We love our letters. It seems to many of them were being ignored, is collection reminded us of what we'd been losing. It was time. We were all reminded of the true spirit of Christmas that every letter represents a child, a child who believes it's all there in their handwriting, in their words and every child counts. You mean? It kind of my child. You did a lot of good. I guess you'll pick someone else for the trigger twice mission next year. Oh, that's our Piper. Always about the mission. We had our doubts about you all that business about Guardian Nice. But you do have learned your lesson. Yes, ma'am. But what about the list, the names of all the kids round the world? Oh, you mean these slid. You have indeed Rudolf tracked down to the bottom of a very deep ravine that knows of his as one powerful God, but it's too late. It's Christmas Eve will never get the list back to Sandton, time firmed up Guinness journey. The journey has already begun hearts. Ah, let's for years now. Mr CNI have been taking turns. This is my year to fly while he stays Hogan makes my favorite fruitcake. I seem to be the only one who still loves. I've never told anyone this, but I love it too. Well, you know, I was thinking I could use a couple of helpers on my journey this year. What are you say as you might? What about the audio? I've worked so hard just to build it. We can't just put some turning into scrap. We're going to leave left for our friend Couto something to remind and he's not alone. Fiber, Why don't you take the reins and get us going? If you don't mind, Ma'am. I think Meles aren't besides she knows those rain. And they love. Indeed, they do many cocaine. Donner Tommy everybody. Hey, boys. Hey, boys. If dip, It's out of the words did and found Now silly silly. So way off.

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