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Don't need a jarvis landry type receiver they need of big time red zone target receiver but keep in mind folks purer songs coming back you got marquees goodwin who came up just short of a thousand yards receiving which came out of nowhere trent taylor's in the mix as well all jack robinson the the forty nine is pretty damn close it receiver kindred born could be in the mix as well this year and of course logo on gets a somebody probably in the draft but maybe in a later round and maybe they had somebody and free agency but i don't think that's where they need to spend their top free agent money on especially the kind of money jarvis 100dollar yeah it's so funny before garoppolo came on that was all that niners fans have we need talent we need skill position players and then once garoppolo came aboard and made guys like goodwin and kinda warren look as good as he did all of a sudden nip the thought process became well maybe they don't need to splurge on a receiver maybe they can just get a guy who serviceable maybe just another guy on the level of like a pierre garzon or something like that are to fill things in and that you don't have to go out and break the bank for a guy like landry this is it right here this is all i got to say quarterback from eastern illinois oh i mean once you got that bucks checked you're on your way we think quarterback plays an important in the nfl tom brady threw for five hundred yards in the super bowl and took annell man i've still been watching garoppolo highlights over the last couple of weeks just watching those same five games over and over and over again dog tom baby does not get old and man i'm looking forward to next year jarvis landry or no jarvis larry ain't gonna be a forty nine of a foreign entities do not need jarvis landry jarvis energy needs forty nine point as doni drivers landry all right well let's respark this thing and we'll move it over to college basketball baron and will revisit rick pitino a little bit different story here.

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