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And others of us like run the other way. I imagine it has to do with aptitude. I mean, if you're good at something you're going to like it more than if you suck it something. But math in numbers seem to divide people between those. People who like numbers and math and those people who don't. Yeah. I mean, I think everyone has their own personal story. My personal story that I was getting numbers. I enjoyed it. And when school bike when I was a kid if you're good at something masters be getting something right or wrong. And I would get it. Right. And so I was told I was good. So I liked it. Because it made me feel good. It also kids who don't get it. Right. And they don't like it because it told right from the beginning that his role, and it's one of the subjects where there is. Right. And there is a rogue and no one likes being told that that Roe. There's also the whole sort of social cultural attitudes towards math. You know? It's fine to say, oh, I'm terrible at sums can post do that. I'm rubbish math so much a badge of own people say that. Whereas people would never say ho Haikal raid that I'm terrible to reading right. But there does seem to be a shift. It used to be that, you know, math and science those were nerdy subjects that, you know, cool kids than get involved in. But now, I mean, you've got shows like the big bang theory that that celebrate math and science you've got movies about Stephen hawking. And and you know, he was a rock star. I mean, this there is a shift. Absolutely. I don't say who all the icons of the modern day. Steve Jobs like well. Biggest nut Stephen whole king. Another huge nut hero. We have kind of nerd role models in a way that that we didn't before I can that can only be a good thing. One of the things you talk about that. I think is really interesting is this whole concept of zero the fact that we have a symbol that represents nothing. And that that's a fairly recent concept in math, and yet imagine trying to do math of any sort and not having some sort of Representative for nothing for zero zero has not been around since the beginning of numbers. It really hasn't until and five zero. It was invented or invented it kind of emerged in India one in hall fastened years ago before then it wasn't easy. Right. So the first people to realize that you can actually have. Describe some snow that with India, and what I find fascinating about one again in India is the Indian already that time had these spiritual ideas of nothingness, Nevada dude of nothingness, you need to kind of chief Nevada, you need to get rid of all your worldly, desires and cravings, and then just kind of disappear, but having that nothing is something the reason why we need hero. He's because it makes county so much easier and makes arithmetic so much easier. The reason why we can't count calculate is that we have developed a positional way of describing numbers. We have one called two units position. The unions. Call them one position for ten the one for hundreds etcetera, etcetera rid a positional.

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