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We were sort of unregulated, but by more of like apathy, or you know, not being around. Right. Because we we had each be. Oh, but like nothing was on good Allen HBO during the day. You know what? I mean, you have to like I mean, there was good movies, but in order to like watch real sex or something you'd have to like stay up and TV in my room until me, and my brothers started sharing one which was like, you know, I was ten or eleven I I never I never have either. But my my mom was my mom was tough on Simpson's. She liked didn't want me to watch it even though I just did. But then we've mattered with children. She's like, you can't watch married with children a lot of parents really didn't like that show says really crass. Yeah. And they were just really trashy liked it. Yeah. Everyone in my class was like in love with Christina Applegate. I was in love with peg Bundy. What a great character and carry knowing her in other stuff now it's like so cool that she was that character for Sola. I just watched all sons of anarchy. She's like Gemma she's like a total baddest wean and then she's like oh you wearing like a silly comedy for years. Here's MARCY who is on the neighbor. Marcy, forget a real. She's great. She she like produced and directed like a ton of those episodes like a ton of that show. That's so interesting a strong like there was a strong female voice for that show coming. It was MARCY who I mean? Truly played them dodgy like he was dumb for visualize really kind of all in the family sort of that sort of like man who's sitting in the chair and being what there's some. There's there's definitely bad stuff on it. There's there's also to like audience did take it at face value. Right. Didn't quite didn't quite get that level of nuance. But I mean, but it was like such a funny show, so many funny jokes. Yeah. The. The simpsons. I like it was it's weird to remember that there was a time because I was in fifth grade when it kit when the air the Christmas special, really. Yeah. Because I was I was in first grade when it started like when Simpson star the end, and then it started the next like late with that's about what our age gap is right for years roughly in school. Maybe are you forty no one thirty eight. I'm I'm thirty six. Okay. We'll make how many grades behind are you? Great. I graduate high school two thousand fifteen. Confusing. I got an honorary high school degree when when I was on love. I went back at spoke. The the I remember like like Bart Simpson was like a bad kid and like parents were like disapproved of Bart Simpson. And remember there was a time. When Simpson shirts were not allowed at my school. There was a kid in the stupid this can happen. Yeah. Which is insane to think about because it seems like a pretty innocuous cartoon these days, but it was like it was considered body. There was a kid who had a I'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you sure that he wore to school and was like a huge scandal? A kid got I'm an underachiever and damn proud of it and turned inside out like the teacher, you have to turn that have their shirt inside out. That really reminded me. Fuck something. Even even school go to. I went to school. Everyone is sure. Fuck something anything, please. Matt Maggie shirt says suck suck. Right. And that was even turn out. I think teachers taught like it was trying to say like it was trying to say like suck was. That's like I remember when remember when college hats that just said like the word not that you can ever wear a hat that just says something on the front now due to fucking asshole present I throw away to cool red hats. This red fishing hat. I have because I'm going to get like. Something's gonna happen to me that I deserve. Remember when they meet those college hat's, the Gamecocks had said Cox, like an oral Roberts university had just said oral..

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