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Well as paul finebaum show. But it's peter burns hosting today. Follow me on twitter at peter burns. Esp in were had a great first hour. Trevor albert's brand new director of athletics of over nebraska join me and was talking about Some of the different things he's got going and of course it's all about scheduling right. I forgot to ask him in. Twenty twenty seven. He's got an opening. Texas has an opening. I want a pair those two together. That's one of those college football matchups nebraska texas and the big twelve days. I'd like to see a one of these matchups that i'd like to see for a bevy. Different reasons is florida and ucf. Is it going to happen. Bianchi joining me for from the orlando sentinel. Mike is this. is it finally done. Is this deal on the. What does the half yard line as people like to call it. Now it's at the half your. It's at the half inch yard line is works at that. The half short don. Yeah that should be announced probably within the next few days. It's going to be a three-game series. I two games at the swamp one game at the bounce house in orlando and the first game. They're all spread out. Twenty twenty four is the first game the second games in twenty thirty and then the third game is in twenty thirty three i. I'll probably won't be alive to see the last two. But at least i'll get to see i. It's interesting on ninety six nine. The game we also host. Y'all had a tweet that was asking at you. Know golden knights fans. I mean how do they feel about it. If it is a two for one deal going to gains going to the swamp twice once in the bounce house how do you feel. Eighty percent of the fans liked the deal. So my question is what change from now. This deal getting done to you. Know your prior. Well i think the fans i. The fans have always wanted this game. They've always wanted to play florida. Ucf of course not and they sec not in a power five leagues. They've always sort of had the little brother syndrome. They want to play these big time. Opponents like florida and florida's the flagship university in the state of florida. So they've always wanted them play them. But when danny white arrived at ucf and ucf got really good when scott. Frost was the head coach and then josh hypol- and they had the back. The back unbeaten seasons. Danny white's reasoning was listen on par with some of these mid level power. Five what why should we have to play two for one like texas tech when our programs better than texas tax so he wanted to be elevated the hey if florida's gonna play colorado one for one. Why wouldn't they play. Ucf one for one. He's sort of backed himself into a corner there And there was the financial situation. He didn't wanna give up an extra home game because let's face it. Ucf makes most of their money from playing home games. They make three to five million dollars per home game. He didn't want to give up an extra home. Game to play florida on two for one base. You doesn't get the fifty million dollars. Sec network check like florida did so he he thought it was inequitable scheduling with that being said how much you think. That was a push from gust. Because i know. Gus is chomping at the bit. I talked to him after i got in the ucf job. And i was like you wanna play. You wanna play florida. yep you. I mean he. He's all in on this. I mean how much of that push in. Fill that momentum that he has there in orlando. Yeah and i. There will probably be you know if if if like an alabama or auburn or a michigan or house state or florida up big time opponents like that if they wanted to for one with ucf. I'm sure terry mohajer the new ad and malls on the new football coach. I'm sure they would be all and for that. But but i still don't think you're gonna see. Ucf playing the mid level power. Fives on a two for one basis. I still think like the georgia tech and the the north carolina's in schools like that. I i still think. Ucf is going to play those on one for one basis. But yes i think. Gus malzahn and terry mosher. The new ad have certainly changed. Ucs philosophy about playing big time. Marquee opponents on a two for one basis mike of the orlando sentinel ninety. Six nine the game in orlando joining burns here on the paul finebaum show mike forgotten. It's such an interesting kind of roller coaster ride. He had at auburn. It was fun as hell to watch. We'll put that. I'm not necessarily an almond fan but just watching it. It was must see television each and every week. What's his team going to look like that. He inherits from josh hypo. Who of course now is going to be over there and rocky top well offensively. It should be outstanding j. Every josh hypo with an outstanding offense of coach as well dilling gabreel one of the top quarterbacks in the country coming back i think pro. Football focus had him rated as the fourth-ranked quarterback in the country among all one hundred and thirty. Fps quarterback Ucf is loaded at receiver. They have all sorts of speed now. The deep i think. That's where gus malzahn gonna make the real defense even though he's an offensive guru by trade. Uc defense is going to be a lot better under. Gus malzahn Than it was under josh josh hypol- sort of let the defense go But man. I think gus malzahn is going to have a really good. I here at ucf. And i'll tell you what and he's even said this if we get to the twelve team playoff and it looks like that's going to happen. Ucf had every opportunity to to make the playoff more times than not because we're they're located The the advantages the resources they have the recruiting and the coach that they have. I think gus malzahn set up to make the playoffs. More at ucf. If it's a twelve team playoff then he made it. He would have been at auburn. An interesting With that being said is still a couple years removed or you know away from that possibly having is that one hundred percent but it probably pretty good opportunity of that is going to go down with that being said right here. Twenty twenty one. The best team in the state of florida is Oh i still think that. The gators even though cal. Trask is is well. I'm at miami. Would have an argument to but i still think it's the gators i. Dan mullen is a fabulous coach. I think he's a fabulous offensive coordinator. He's got a quarterback now even though cal. Trask broke all sorts of records last year. Emory jones quarterback. That really fits what dan mullen wants to do. More than kyle. Traff does on the offensive side and emory jones. Everybody talked about how patient cal. Trask was waiting his turn emory jones. He could have transferred many times lot of schools. One in the transfer. He waited his turn behind. Kyle traff and i. I think he's gonna have a great year. I think the gators The gary's are still the best team in the state but but ucf in miami right there knocking on the door. In my opinion it's interesting florida's still not even anywhere close in that conversation so that norville is gonna have to change a pretty quickly out there. In tallahassee mike bianchi orlando sentinel joining. Peterborough here on the paul finebaum. Show mike when you look at being in orlando kinda like how. Almost you know nashville. To a certain extent a big hub where colleges at right we've got vanderbilt their. Ucf is in orlando. How much being in a big city like that you think will help schools for nfl purposes as opposed to being the only game in town in fayetteville or starkville or.

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