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That's in that kind of caught a round the and as he was getting up trying to Russell guy. I did it. I wanted on my late. You know, I wanted him to be able to still what it's like to get somebody great beefs take you out. So I just decided to get this just start whacking. I never did anything like. I never got into guard climb. You he was her game space that dropping twice. You can only buckle. Somebody so many times before. Or it's too late. I think it was a it was a great stoppage falls that revenue is getting a lot of heat from a lot of people. But I would I would have wanted this MMA there's sanctioned or sports, and I thought it was a rice stoppage error, and I agree with you on that you came out very Gresley was that part of the game plan. Henry did you wanna come out quickly? And did you think that there would be an opening that soon to finish the fight that quickly because I think a lot of people that have DJ? Nobody's preston. He's always always kind of. Dictated the ACO and the cool thing about areas, I can find with pressure Neka five with this. I do. And sometimes, you know, you go out there, and you fight. You just got more. While you play your car drive, and it's like a card game. He won't your expressions. His face will show, you all tell all. And I think that's exactly what happened when I caught him about. I body new. I heard him with that first body to body kick. Right. Head surprised, and is I slows arms even go backwards in their own. Will tell you the whole game. That's just that's that's all she wrote a gray stoppage. You know, hold second area. I I've been extremely a-. Shouldn't bless when Dimitris Johnson, and I'll teach in that puts me team spiel leads for. Hendrickson was no slouch. Yes. Yes. Schober say allowed and say proud that. Do you have a cameraman filming this what's going on here? Henry that was amazing. Cameron. Captain, eric. Very is captured so proud cap. Look at this. Now, you're his cameraman seeing. That's how it works, man. This is. We're still debate on coaching. Nineteen twenty nineteen. You know, it's a new year. You still? On style. Let's I thinking to this back down to the lever. Coach important nineteen Hawan better snap it out. All right. All right. I told them he's on his way. It's been a great start to the year for you guys. I know that doesn't mean much to him. But you're on your way. Now, let me ask you this where you watching the Komeda bed. Henry because it seemed like at one point you were about to knee him while he was down in the near like, look, I can't do this. Now, he's down to that ever crossed your mind. Were you about to neom for a quick second? There. I'll tell the quota had thought about it. But I can see the cokes. I knew it was. Or something was going to happen with with big guy. You just never know. Yeah. When I ended up doing is. I like pose before. Close my eyes and put my headphones on time. I got up it was like a legal signing how it happened. But I think those are just natural instincts. Whereas like, you think about a real real fight? He kinda came into perspective a one that see is like a needle face. When these guys are are slow started to get up. And that's that changes the whole game. You know? God you didn't do it. But yet, but I was telling I was telling at delayed is going on that evening and luckily by instincts able to still relax focus up here. And didn't do that. You're very happy afterwards. Obviously. This was a great moment for you TJ has received some heat. I mean, I just see on my Twitter people are like, oh is he going to come on the show and cry about this this, and that do you feel like anything he has said afterwards has tried..

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