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Yeah and it was i don't know if you guys are have been amsterdam yeah i don't know if you remember being an because a lot of people have that problem but you know it started off the the company started off as just a couple of guys from north western in the back of a bar and by the time i got there it was a massive dinner theater that had three hundred seats and they would perform for the prime minister and we had a great cast we had you know me and jordan appeal and k kannan the director of the movie blockers engine today kiss and seth and his brother josh and liszkowski these may as ing amazing performers and it was great so you're all americans all americans yeah the the makeup of the audience throughout one year is predominantly dutch but it's it's a mix it's probably about sixty percent dutch and then forty percent mix tourists yeah so you're doing the show in english and it's like a second city style show sketch show with improv elements and and you know you make up songs on the spot and stuff and it's like shortform kind of you know but we put up these these really fun shows and it was it was a great experience it was the perfect place to spend your early twenties because you know it was i don't remember what i'm told stories about sound fun great it was also like the ninety late late nineties so the gilder was still the gilder which was two guilders two dollar so everything was cheap it was just it was a safer nice time so but after being there we decided me and seth meyers and my partner dave staff in josh meyers decided move to la together so the four of us you know.

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