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But only one of those guys went on to become a pastor for their career marked rallo or lama imus airolo uneven and get ahead here by can we you're not getting ahead on that non nonmodified became a pastor he had a big dummy by the way in la did you ever a run upon euro very good okay that's good that so jagged known can even when this gives robb still have a chance here mahathir okay we could tie okay the i have a tiebreaker it's okay the monsters in the addams family both had hot mothers your references are dated get adding we are brady bunch in monsters in the monsters in the adams family both had hot mothers back on the dick van dyke show offscreen only one of them had affairs with howard hughes and actor robert stack okay was it lillee munster poor mortician atoms that was reportedly getting busy with howard hughes the most reclusive man in the world and robert stack of unsolved mysteries through show all right well i got to try and tie this game so let's say louie in monster lilley monster all i we have a tiebreaker the right here okay you got to be able to get this when right is which character documented on the brady bunch lost their virginity first of all the kids who have to name the kid greg peter body marsha jan cindy i'm gonna say peter brady over here hilly i just pull that we can't say a now it's sorted peter rooms ago greg is the oldest greater bobby marsha jan andy bob.

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