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Today to be chatting with Ellen hartwell. Huntsman at varietals per hunt outside of St. Louis, Missouri. And around the December time I love to have guests on who of course are fox hunting fox hunting affiliated, but also maybe do some type of creative endeavor. And so I wanted to chat a little bit today with Eleanor, obviously about hunting at bridal spur and how that all came about, but also about some of her creative endeavors outside of hunting. So I don't know if you would start by telling us a little bit about kind of your background in fox hunting and what brought you to bridal spur. Well, all right then, our first meet was when I was 7 at the smithfield church and at the Melbourne New York. And I grew up there and went into my mom there and left there when I was about 30 and saw a new job, but wound up in new hampstead for 5 years, where I proceeded to have my daughter Madeline and my then husband Jay said to me one day, he's like, you're miserable. You need to go and find out what jobs there are. So I called the office and they told me about this one. And I set it up and came out here to interview. And never in a million years thinking I actually moved to Missouri, but I just thought it might be a nice little vacation. But anyway, it did, in fact, it wound up moving out here in 2003. A little bit of a change of scenery. Yes, yes. It's very beautiful here. And it's so it is lovely. I've ridden around kind of sort of in that area, but did it take you a little while to adjust as the hunting remarkably different than what you were used to? Well,.

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