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And are what's the name of the the the french chef laurant chefs learnt i was worried at one point that like ice was gonna get him because he was talking about doing some illegal cheese things yes there is some there is some talk of a legal chief smuggling in this episode it is fascinating you just genuinely fascinating to hear about the world of like high in cheese enthusiasts getting that raw shit over the border there they like it wrong i really like okay so in addition to shooting the breeze yeah there are now like i don't know fifteen or twenty hours of jordan jesse goes and i was just reminded and i completely forgotten about this but i rem i remembered that not only is there at this point hundreds of hours of bonus content audio there's also you get access to rift short films yeah by you and i made one the stop podcasting yourself guys made one and the mcelroy brothers made one and i i had not thought about them in a really time because maybe we made them five years ago i watched i watched stop podcasting yourself one just the other day and i was like yeah this is fucking great yeah lord you've it sounds like you have been maybe combing the bonus content a little harder than we have is there anything else out there that you are excited about bonus content wise when people donate in the max fund drive.

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