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To that end i would go ahead and catch them out they're no longer restricted stock units once you're vested they're just stock units now so that your shares of stock and i wouldn't ride that stock for a year either i would go ahead and cash it out now and just set it over there and the savings account not making any money boring as crud but boring is good when it comes to money perfect income for your help hey thanks for calling in appreciate you joining us open phones at triple eight eight to five five two two five thank you for joining us christie's with us in san francisco i'm so excited to be on we're honored to have you how can we help well in two thousand four i with my husband and we bought at the peak of the market in california and we separated we had a child we separated and when we separated a family member to go over the mortgage for me just to get through the crisis of the divorce and all of that so yeah it was just amazing that they had the means to do that and that they were willing to do that no so i'm now i'm single mom and with a little girl and i had this house and it's been just a safety net for us in great habit and the family member has offered to pay off the first and second and i have a couple of things going on i don't know what that means in terms of what i should expect in terms of this house they've been so gracious and i paid them you know rent so to speak towards that payment but there's no equity in the house we were under water for a number of years and it's just starting to creep back up i'm forty what is the home of what's owed against the home about two hundred eighty thousand okay if you did not own this home and you had two hundred eighty thousand dollars piled in the middle.

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