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Cable. It's 1108. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Now, with traffic and weather on the 8s, let's go to Mary de pampa in the WTO traffic center. All righty, thanks, Mark. It's mostly midday work, but we have a new crash being reported on the beltway, so no delays, but watch your mirrors. The first report was on the inner loop after two O two, but both directions and print shortest county, they're running for the crash. Again, first report inter loop near two O two. If we continue on the beltway, Maryland side, it was a little sluggish, our mobile crew last spotted on the interloop they were past branch avenue and last seen along the left side. Now 97, we had a new report in millersville, north 97 near three new cut road. That's a report of a vehicle fire again, watch for response, though midday work zones north 95 route 100 blocks right lane, north Baltimore, Washington Parkway near the beltway, they're mobile. You're going to stay to the right to get by. South D.C. two 95 at eastern avenue, work blocks are right lane, both sides of the beltway through mcclain before and after Georgetown pike, our work zone here blocks a right lane again, both sides of the beltway, three 95 north after edsel road, the work crew ahead blocks your right lane, married to pampa WTO traffic. Let's get a look at the 7 news first alert forecast. From Eileen Whelan. Dry weather expected today with seasonably warm highs in the upper 70s will have partly to mostly cloudy

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