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So to get people to go to California hastings made the trip sound super easy but we just ran into this and another one so what is just like Oh. You'RE GONNA love it it. Could it be easier. It's like taking a sledge downhill. It'll be fun and just like people die and you're like what am I a liar. I'm I'm sorry everyone died I really I will. I don't care about the feelings of others he wrote. A book called the Immigrants Guide to Oregon and California Nia was full of absolute bullshit for example. He claimed that travelers would not have to worry about native Americans because quote the desolating ravages of Intertribal war have been the chief causes of now abandoned villages which are covered in human skulls. Wait that's to make people feel better. The real burst does not want to make you go there. No don't mind the skulls it's just black US don't pathway ask and and the Wilderness Committee of that these tribes are such that upon the appearance of white persons at their villages all of the males both old and young immediately flee in the utmost confusion super we're running into each other at an an an an an in name to the surrounding hills and mountains while all females remain and commence of the most doleful moaning and crying in this season's great late so the idea is that that if you're white and you walk into that area the man I don't know what to do and just run around like Benny Hill and the women fall down and start crying. Yes sure that sounds that's pretty logical. Yeah who needs motivated actions so a lot of pioneers were into Hastings Book Including The reeds and Donners Jacob Donner past his copy around to Evanson the group and he would discuss it often one one big lie in the book was about the Hastings Cutoff which is supposed to be a shortcut that hastings had discovered by looking at a map now is that how one finds the shortcut that's right north away so they missed a thing here. Knock real close there Arthur. There's that thing look I can make my finger do this. That'll be easy on foot. Basically the same trip just with feet vit that was easy. Shortcut was actually one hundred twenty five five miles longer longer than the usual route. It's weird shortcut shore. It's not your traditional Shoka and hastings that I've never travelled it okay well. I'm starting to I mean I kinda forgive him now a little bit they really was just like you go that way. Fuck up getting there later now while they were there read ran into an old friend who was a season mountain man and guide all over the West but that's pretty lucky yep and he said that hastings book was fucking bullshit and Hastings these things was a scammer and he'd met him and he had no idea how difficult the journey was and he told read absolutely do not take the hastings cutoff now Dave. Why don't we just go to the next sentence where you tell me that they took the hastings? Has that sound who needs it experienced mountain man when some guy was like you go there you you don't need a guide. I found a piece of paper a guide. What do you need a guide for? He's got knowledge. Take this paper so the men of the parties spoke all night with the experience guide and some tickets warnings and kept going on proven route but others like the reeds donners did did not quote told me to take the regular wagon track and never leave it told them of the great desert and the roughness of the Sierras but he quickly we responded. There's a higher route and it is of no use to take such a roundabout course oh man okay. It's going to be fine yeah with the little knowledge I have. I know it will be fine so the party split up one party on the original route while reading the others including the Casper follow the hastings cutoff. This group was officially now called the Donner Party enjoy joyer. Enjoy your fingers ways. They're serving fingers tonight. I believe you for way too long at the sweetwater river in Wyoming the Donner party was given a letter from hastings good news I found an even shorter out there at Fort Bridgier and it warned of going to Fort Bridgier warned of pop possible Mexican attacks ax and said if if they met him at bridge or he would personally lead them on the hastings cutoff across the desert and mountains okay. That's nice. It's nice but it's total total bullshit in some way for sure they arrived at Fort Bridger on July. Twenty seventh hastings just left to join in another party dammit what they were what they were told was a lot of previous travelers at Fort Bridgier at left letters to warn other emigrants to did not go on the hastings cutoff where the letters but the owners of the Fort didn't want to lose any business so they hit the letters. Oh my God well Ahmad. That's GonNa Affect the cafe business a lot all them letters that say don't go this way. I just ordered a case a coke welcome to survivors cafe so the Donner Party was now seventy four people Jesus Christ east at Weber Weaver Whatever and Utah on August six they found a message from hastings on a stick aw you gotta feel good about that they like cow's worried for a minute but then we got to stick note. Give me a minute. I'm avid twig read. I'm happy with what's happening over here. Good News. There's a letter on a stick. We've got another branch book yeah it. It said the Canyon was impassable and drew a new route over the mountain weight. Okay so if you're going from book to you note on a stick not as good. You're like Oh wait sorry. There's been an update. Thank God we found this note. Stick otherwise we would've been fucked. He also said to send someone to catch up with him so he could show them. The alternative route read into Med went ahead and caught up with hastings okay and then he talked hastings into writing back to the Donner camp sure to talk to these people but hastings stings a little ways out had second thoughts and said he felt really bad about a banning the other group he was leading so he just showed read the route. I guess on the ground that's good. That'll that works. It's just like drawing up a we're in there and you're fine. You're this and then you just keep going. You'll figure it out. Just just keep going down but the route was so vague. That read just ended up picking his own trail well. That's not good right now. It was fine now okay. Why actually no it not to be fine well? You don't know that I'll be lies. What if everybody you? It's all fine now while they were waiting now while they're waiting even more people join the Donner Party was now eighty seven people. She's Christ now. They all headed out on reads path summer day no that he's he's just sort of like Improv path now. I don't think providers I think he came back and said it's this way so he's just like a really good talk with Eh. It's fine. It's right over here. Let's go this way summer's now over. That's a good sign. One young traveller dried up indict of consumption. Lewis's wife gave birth to a baby boy. That's a good time he was named Luis Junior. It took them three weeks to reach Salt Lake instead of the couple of days that hastings had promised him that's good so today's three weeks sure water the water there was undrinkable undrinkable so they had to gather water and grasp before heading into the desert which delayed the more okay hastings said the desert was about forty miles wide. He said the desert was forty forty miles wide okay eighty miles white okay within two days. The Cattle Ellen Horses started dying. They couldn't pull the wagon some broke free and ran off. Those are the the by the way it feels like that's the last good moment of the episode episode. Just general vibe goes like this. The last time we feel happiness for those cows go go yeah learn and be free without their horses. The read family had to abandon most of their wagons and they had to carry what they could now walking through the desert so I we at the point where you're like that hitching son of a bitch point civil pitch. No this is great. This is really close. Short cut super short really close off the Casper gues also had to abandon a wagon each wants across the Salt Lake Valley they took inventory and found they didn't have the supplies to make it to California -fornia well. That's a problem so they sent to mend ahead. Get help from Sutter's fort in Sacramento where they found own gold here you go. You probably expected bigger applause on that. You were like this is a beer time. No I think all of these people are bored et Cetera for they all went there. It probably went on like three field trips there as a kid and they're like okay Agai- gold okay good gold easy my dear what you say fuck someone John Sutter Johnson fucking we'll get to that later. That's a that's a different episode but let's just put it and I think John Sutter worse than Larry.

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