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Welcome to rebecca. Sounds reveille i have a return guest. Who is just so delightful. She has known all across the region as the little ball of joy in energy. And you have found matt earn the past episodes that she has been on and we promised to keep you up to date on all of the things that she's got going. She's a girl for newer. A best selling double author which is one of the things that we're going to talk about today and just you wait. She's a motivational speaker. And actress a voiceover talent. And she's a teen influencers. She didn't has her own show on instagram. That we're going to talk about as well because that is also really turning heads. She has devoted her life and much the time that she spends reaching out to others to spread messages of hope. Inspiration and self confidence. She has really made a whole lot of positive. Impact on many many many many people's lives and she really likes to help iraq to their maximum potential. So with me. Today ariana box. Welcome back hello muscle. I am absolutely excited because you are just been really on the move. And i've got to tell you i've been you on social media and is just. There's just so much going on. I know that there has been something. There's just so much to talk about and or those that haven't had a chance to hear you on the show before we've got edges encouraging to watch and listen to past episodes Keep abreast of what's going on but today's the update and we have got so much in store today with what you have going on. So let's talk about what an honor is for you to be a part of the inspiring used to be great leaders summit thank you and yes absolutely is such an honor and i'm so excited for this is all about education diversity and helping others and helping keep preneurs end encouraging people who have especially parents as well who had kids that may want to be entrepreneurs This is a hosted by christine at majuro. I think is how you say your name and is she and i actually had an instagram interview. A few days ago that was really awesome. But yes it is. It is so exciting. I cannot wait to be a speaker alongside my parents. Actually both of my parents As a speaker. I think this is exciting. Because that type of influence really changes people's lives and you are. You're harvey you to be up there and influencing and doing what you do. This is absolutely exciting. I hope that there's an opportunity to see a replay or those who don't have a chance to attend or there is some way that they want to hear some of the message or all of the message that you get share definitely i. I don't know. I don't know if there is a replay or not only i can only hope there is. I think that there is But that one you have to ask christie about. But i'm just i'm just yard. Yes absolutely i just so excited for you. I can't i can't even believe it. And also you and your family is part of the new base comedy. Sit on the star and you share over about that. All my word i am. This has been one of the coolest projects. I've done recently The visit a just as you said. It's a comedy faith-based sitcom that is one hundred percent clean but it's hilarious nonetheless and it's called wanna be a star and it's all about essentially acting class and Acting teacher but he has no idea act as so he's trying to teach a class how to act but he's never acted day in his life. He's a hustler is trying to make money. Yeah eddie ray can. and so. this is one of the ways. He's making money known series whatsoever. So it's a hilarious. Wild ride of this actor dr. Who'll of his herb Trot wanna be a star dr tool eating all these other people and i play the character. Janet who is this kind of me on steroids very much more obnoxious. Been how i am. But she's always she's like a essentially a ball of energy who wants to be a star disney and just kinda won't canada's. He's a little too much high idea. You know that the the needs a lot of fun. my daddy as well. He is the producer. The director script writer. He's even one of the characters in it He's a billion things. And he's working alongside the awesome marquees rebel or murky skinner to create this epic murky producer as well. So it's yeah. It's been a lot of fun that is one is already out and working episodes. You right now. Keep your eyes. Oh this is exciting and you know how refreshing it is to be able to have a film. That is exactly what you said. It's face these comedy. It's clean and that really i think is coming in a time when really need something that doesn't Sort of put everything out there. Yes exactly doesn't have any agenda anything about politics or religion or they just you know just displaying or basic combat anything about politics or just fun. Good great series in. This is a perfect time. It just really is. And i think a lot of people are going to really embrace this in even those who may not even be of a. Yeah we'll still be able to find joining this demo definitely had this is really exciting. And oh he's so. These are not just the only two things that you going in. You're working on another episode and other things by. There's also something that you're part called twenty-eight coe credentials of entrepreneur and there are some really strong values here. Yes that you convey in this thank you yes so you know it's funny it's When when i was first approached for this i had absolutely no idea what twenty eight. Coe was or who what. Why any of that stuff or what is this. Is this legitimate all ads. I was approached by author one of the many authors zooms bill ahmad butts. Leave the taisei and i it was basically. He's asking him grassi. Muka shimada and they were asking me. They said okay. Do you want to participate in this and basically write a little fill out. This little thing of twenty eight credentials is twenty eight things like little phrases and sayings and helpful tools to be able to use that and put it into this this little little form and then it would go in. A big book held twenty eight credentials of entrepreneur. So i was like yeah. I filled it out with twenty. Like i said phrases or you know for example you audrey mig. You got the other things like you know. Don't let your pass viner future like as a. That's one of the tagline bu Actually but you know things like that to certain things to make sure that you keep things in perspective and essentially after that on it boomed people have been just posted all over the place especially on linked in. It's huge but it's been a real awesome Honored.

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