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Don't go anywhere. Guillermo Lewis, I wanna talk to you about pro football insider, Mike, Florio. We'll do that in a second. I will not knock the man's hustle. I get asked all the time by lawyer doctor. How do I do what you do? I don't like doing what I do. Mike Florio was one of those people turn to law passed into an aggregate site and people like their football information, but he likes it too much. He likes his football information there. I something people don't know about the Adam schefters of the world is you have to have like a compartment in your brain to do that job like that. You have to be a little nuts because Mike Florio has to worry about what's going on in football, twenty hours a day. He's always gotta, be scouring everything that's being written by anyone or said by anyone on the radio. Mike Florio has made himself from a lawyer into a media personality because he's a very good aggregated. What does he do with the other four hours. Why are you shading Mike Florio like that they have their own writers. He's built his own sources now, maybe it started as. Has done all that. He has done all that as a remorse fish on the NFL. He has done all of that know with the seven billion other Ramoro fish insiders that the NFL has because the NFL is very popular and we will do anything for our football information. What I love about floria site though is the stories short their right to the point you get through them, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, you've read five NFL stories that I like about my Florio side. I do and he does hustle. I am. I am not knocking the man's hustle. Peter King is receiving checks and you know who signing him Mike flory. I'm back the mud tied respect Husain it's almost too perfect hair. Yeah, put that on the poll. Guillermo is Mike Florio's hair almost too perfect. It sounds like you're not respecting him again. Well, first of all, the airmiles. Sad. Someone asked me the other day if the MO and Billy were the same person, you tell them? No, right. Why are you mad at floria? I, whoa, I'm not mad at Florida. I don't know why you're, you know displacing this on me. You wanna won the wanted to take a shot of Florio. Will will will I'm happy to take a shot at Florio whenever I don't care about that. The reason this is started, the show is the topic is because you texted me what Florio sent because it delighted you so well, why are you putting that on me? You don't get out of here. I can do this without you. Two minutes or five minutes. Get outta here. I'll do it without your.

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