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We're following here at KOMO news one supermarket employee dead after a gunman. Stormed a crowded Los Angeles market dozens of shoppers and employees were held hostage in a three hour standoff that. Began with, a suspect led police on a high-speed chase that ended with. A crash in the market parking lot police say the suspect entered the market and exchanged, fire with officers he eventually surrendered to police. And is in custody and villas whose daughter works the market but was not. Injured rushed to the scene I know. She is saved because I did. See her on a news clip I was able to see. Her face she ran out to the bag investors will be keeping a, close eye on, the, stock, market come tomorrow morning after President Trump said he wants to. Tax every product imported from China ABC's Todd I'm doing this. To do the, right thing for our country we have been ripped off by China for a. Long time. President Trump says, he's ready to slap tariffs on five hundred. Billion dollars worth of Chinese imports The US has, slap tariffs, on just thirty. Four billion dollars of Chinese products the president tells CNBC's Joe Kernan that. Top Chinese officials explain how Beijing's gotten away with quote ripping off the US five hundred and seven billion dollars. In trade, deficit how did it happen and they told me nobody ever. Complained Todd ant ABC news investigators from the National Transportation Safety board continue to interview witnesses, of Thursday night's deadly duck boat action it. In Missouri claiming seventy lives the NTSB has collected video footage from another vessel. That was near the tour boat when. It sank during a sudden storm. With winds now recorded they're saying at the time of the incident seventy three miles per hour coast guard captain Scott Stormer says coastguards, working with the, tour, boat, operator to salvage the sunken boat here this coming week the. Coastguard will be working with the owner salvage plan that's the. Development of that, solid plane is currently underway NTSB lead investigator Bryan Young Chang they have retrieved The, recorder from the suchan vessel objective is going to be. To find out what kind of information they had on. Board when they made the decision. To go out So this was a squall that came up rather suddenly there's. A lot more than I do understand you're listening to KOMO news AM one thousand FM ninety seven seven President Trump taking aim at Michael Cohen for the first time following reports that. Cohen recorded their conversation concerning a former playboy playmate during the election for the first time ever President Trump publicly smack, down his longtime lawyer, and fix your Michael Cohen after learning that Cohen secretly recorded, him in the final days of the two thousand, sixteen campaign has the two disgust a highly sensitive issue. Specifically a scheme to buy the silence of former playboy playmate Karen McDougal who alleged she had a ten month fair with Trump, back in two thousand six that recording now in the hands of federal prosecutors dropped tweeted inconceivable that the government would break into a lawyer's office early in the morning almost unheard of even more inconceivable that a lawyer would tape A client totally, unheard of and perhaps illegal the roughly two minute recording was, among the trove of documents hard drives and recordings, the FBI sees from Cohen's home office in hotel in. An early morning raid back in April according to sources at the time Trump was outraged about the raid and it's a disgrace, it's frankly a real disgrace say an attack on our country Attack on what we all stand for and according to sources. Trump wasn't even aware yet, that Cohen had recorded him in person on the recording sources say the two, men discuss reimbursing the publisher of the National Enquirer one hundred fifty thousand dollars for.

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