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It dates from two five b c to maybe seventy bc experts think it was designed by hippocampus who's considered to be the founder of trigger no mix because it uses his theory to track the motion of the moon so it wasn't ancient timekeeping and celestial prediction computer right team won gareth and david true or false the mongolian pepe mouses a small rodent that lives in central asia and it has a defensive ability to spray saliva that contain certain kept say it's in a way in which the chemicals that make chile's pungent me houghton burning what do you think sounds on this whole thing will be true today for the a trick question is not in his alive you go for it what will will say because it sounds plausible four walnut we completely made that one up actually there is no such thing as a mongolian pepper mouse but what we did cover on this program back in two thousand six the discovery by david julius i'm university california's san francisco the discovery of a component of the venom of a certain type of tarantula that does activate the very same receptors as capsized in which you find in chile so when you get bitten by the spied it burns and the same as if you'd rather ruptured he peppers is on your wound so no points to use i fought nazi if you're going to end the day levelpegging or if the other team can snatch victory from the jaws of near defeat okay over to sara and vinnie for christian a three for you in humans the longer your fingers the fall steel niles grow is that facto fiction.

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