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Hello everyone and welcome back to Capela hunters podcast thank you so much for tuning in thanks back reached out to members Abuellah's matter I've actually also reached out to members of black lives matter I'm wondering interview both of those empty I'm still waiting to hear back so let me just pause here just talk about why I wanted to talk to members of blue lives matter will I I am particularly troubled in the fact that they have taken directly co-opted black labs nerves now if members of law enforcement problem black lives matter if they think that as share Clark USA say black lives matter whatever the other problem with them law enforcement officials can have died log in an argument with members of it in say they're illegitimate that they're exaggerating claims accessible and whatever else black lives matter is complaining about that's fine but to co op the movement and say you know it's really Bob Blue matter this presents a little bit of problem because it makes us seem as if blue lives or police officers lives are directly against blackout lives matter now you may have people may have a problem on issue with black lives matter then that's fine but to co-opt the information to co up what the the whole movement and to put one against another there was a lieutenant I believe Jesse is a captain now trying to get her on the podcast in San Francisco leased department I believe her name is Yolanda Williams and I'm actually reaching out to her try to get around to podcast see is suing her department San Francisco Police Department for Racial Discrimination the things like that this is lieutenant at the time and she's I believe she's now a captain so whatever she's got going on she's got going on but part of her lawsuit claims that someone came up to her at one time What are you for black lives matter offering for lies Neider and for one entity particularly the police department to think that you ought to be directly opposed to black lives matter whether you agree with me is you're not at his very problematic and that's why I wanted to talk to members of blue lives matter and asked them why have you co opted this particular name may have a problem black lives matter that's fine I have a have a dialogue with them but to co-opt say not really buff black lives it is once again not help to build these bridges and bring these these two entities together the community input in this instance the black community is now seemed to be pitted against the police officers and this is a problem and I don't understand why they did that while they call themselves at I don't have a problem with any police organization being very supportive of other police officers being supportive of people trying to get the message out there if there's a group of people war saying that the police are always doing x. being up abusive aggressive and the police officer want to push back against that narrative that's fine nobody has a problem with that the problem with them bringing about information trying to get information out there that's all fine but to directly oppose the black lives matter organization I think is very very problematic and I had problem when I was police officer seeing other people in my police department had blue lives matter on their yes Boulez Matt yes police officers matter and that's why there's there's crimes already for assaulting police officers describes against salting firefighters when they're performing their duties or nurses or paramedics particular state of Connecticut these are all crimes when you assault on one for doing their job that's fine we get it blue lives matter police lives of always matt the issue that black lives matter whether you agree with it or not is that Gla- class have not seen added they seem to throw us away this has been done throughout history from slavery to Jim Crow to Lynchings to mass incarceration to underperforming schools underfund. the schools to the crack epidemic and we can see a certain disparity and how the crack epidemic was street in nineteen eighty two the current opioid epidemic. being treated now and this is the heart of what people are saying the black lives matter our lives are important so infamy ranting about that I want to talk to both groups I reach out the black lab matters or anybody's listen to this you have in contact with any member of black lives matter please give them my information let them all I wanNA talk to them every two last matter and that that her becker the one of these groups if anybody has any kind of inroads to them please let them know that Captain Hunter wants to have them on the podcast and we have a nice DC compensation in the meantime we're GonNa continue on Dr on Promo under wrote an article for lies matter and I just thought it would be very interesting to hear her perspective that name of the article the Doctor Dawn perimeter road they want to make blue lives matter flag a symbol of racism we won't let them so I came across his article in law enforcement today it was written back in July Have Twenty nineteen and so just reached out to her and she was so kind enough to join us on the episode if you want to hear Dr Parameters Bio then you gotta listen to the previous episode I'm not GonNa read it off again but please go back to the previous episode check that one out and day you hear her mother's bio in just a few minutes we're going to get into the episode but I do want to remind you please subscribe to the so whether you're listening I tuned Google play spotify pod being iheartradio wherever you listen to this platform on please make sure that you subscribe to it please rate the episode if eight at highly that way the analytics algorithms can boost up by probability of being found and share the episode shared through email twitter through facebook shirt with someone that you liked shirt with someone that you don't like me for this information gets out there also please consider going over to my Patriot Hey 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Hunter so these always you can help to support the the podcast and make sure that the the work continues on and without further ado let's get into the episode talking about blue lives matter here's the interview with Dr Dawn Paramedic I was reading through blaze matter lists looking for different things to talk about concerning that and it came across article in law enforcement today they want to make the blue lives matter flag a symbol of racism we won't let them know here you are talking about symbols so let's this dove into the symbol uh of racism they obviously in the article that you're referring to I don't want to word Dumont but there's obviously those the antifa groups things like that can you explain and just a little bit of a y you wrote the article I wrote the article because it's really important when you do symbolism what people hold in high regard sacred symbols whether it's the flag weather it's a religious symbol but even more important in terms of again the crime is the desecration of sacred symbol it's a very very powerful statement the the desecration of things that people Oh hold sacred it's not vandalism it it has a lot more meaning to it that's why I wrote about it because and this will be a nice way to to describe how I came to it when I go to a crime scene and somebody I'm doing a homicide case a lot of times they're deliberately yes the creating that body so the desecration of the body is the same you know the the flag is a sacred symbol also so so when I write about this it's more than it's a highly symbolic act and it's a highly symbolic object and that's why it provoked so much emotion when it happens and unfortunately the blue lives matter flag which originated out of the the in Blue Line flags it became an insult because it was called the blue lives matter when if it hadn't been called that it would have still been vandalized but I think that gave them more that offended the black lives matter movement to feel that it's rude to them save the name co opted the movement so it became a whole controversy but now it's gone beyond just the controversy now we have literally groups out there anti police groups cop watch groups I don't know if your audience is aware that blue lives matter flags are stolen all the time from people's homes they're burned their their stolen from police officers memorial's it's just become almost it's like a trend it's become a trend to do that and I did not know that until I do not know that yeah and it's escalating it's escalating speaking of the psychology of it they're not just stealing the flag there's stealing valor they're stealing honor they they know what the symbolism is especially when it's taken off of of fallen officer memorial the psychology of that that is that we don't like police and we don't think you deserve to be a hero and have this lag here so I'm going to steal it you know it's it's disrespecting somebody in depth it's not allowing them to have dignity in death that is what's happening and they probably get a thrill from it to I mean they understand the symbolism and it's just really taken off I mean I started charting you know every time one happened and I have just dozens and dozens I couldn't keep up and that's how much it's escalated and sometimes deliberately do things on May fifteenth as a as a desecration of fallen officer holiday and or Memorial Day they do it on specific days that are important also and that's another trend so it's it's really disturbing and the other in your audience may be aware of is that fallen officer memorial are being vandalized is in unbelievable numbers I mean they will early go to a memorial in front of a police station and if it's a granite memorial they'll take a hammer to it they don't just spray paint them they literally knocked over to destroy them it seems to provoke even more violence than in just vandalism and and I think again there's this you know fustration or whatever that it's like if you don't if you disrespect us we're going to we're not going to allow you to have this memorial we don't think of you as a hero now it's gone.

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