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Re opening this week here's W. CBS's mac Rosenberg for people worried about the possibility of packed subway cars during phase one and why C. transit interim president Sarah Feinberg says it's going to happen so we don't want to be in a place where everyone can succeed this is because the reality is that means there's almost no one in the system and no one's going to work and she says if there aren't crowding conditions it means such a tiny percentage of riders are being served at the MCA is not doing its job or that the city is completely closed down people are taking their time right you know approaching the system with per day more than eight hundred thousand people are riding the subways that number is more than nine hundred thousand on buses at Hudson yards back Rosenberg WCBS newsradio eight eighty four eleven at WCBS meet Chuck now meet trucks personal information hello made up of things like account log ins bank info and check social security number whenever chop shops banks and browses online his info travels all over the world bowls you ni how brief yet exposing it to cyber threats well that's no good so how is chock able to sleep because he knows Norton and LifeLock are now part of one company Norton three sixty with LifeLock provides an all in one membership for your cyber safety it gives you device security identity theft protection a VPN for online privacy and more no one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft but.

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