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Eight three at the United Center Notre Dame defeated Illinois, Loyola lost Nevada. And the bears are getting ready for Sunday's game against the giants. Accuweather forecasts. We've got eighteen degrees now at four CBS news update. The victory goes to a woman in Mississippi, Mr President, and I just thought to him. So I know he's watching thank you so much for everything. I'm Jim Krasula said the height Smith was elected to the US Senate despite a video in which she said she would attend a public hanging and be in the front row F A supporter asked her to. It's the first time in Mississippi history that a woman has been elected to serve the state in congress. Former congressman Mike Espy was hoping to become the first African American elected to the Senate in Mississippi since. Reconstruction is my prayers. She goes to Washington to to unite a very divided Mississippi SP served as agriculture secretary during the Clinton administration Hyde Smith was appointed to serve the remainder of Thad. Cochran Senate term when he retired in April. Her win gives Republicans a fifty three to forty seven majority in the Senate CBS news update, I'm Deborah Rodriguez. Toby VM news time, four thirty two. Governor elect Jay Pritzker went to Chicago's west side to unveil a part of his transition team that will focus on education WB and political editor Craig Delamore has more at a school here in west Garfield park, governor elect Pritzker introduced the education officials experts and advocates on his transition team promising to listen more and not repeat failures of the past Illinois ranks nearly last in the nation for state funding of education, Illinois has shortage of teachers because some politicians think. The teachers are overpaid and others think they're under worked, and that's just wrong. Frisky says he still wants a moratorium on charter school expansion, and he wants a minimum salary for teachers that's embodied in a Bill. Sponsored by his committee co chair state Senator Andy Manar on the west side, Craig Delamore, NewsRadio one one zero five point nine FM. This portion of the news sponsored by Chicago EMT people who are harmed or injured because of state government actions are now eligible for damage awards up to two billion dollars. The Illinois house voted to override a veto on legislation raising the damage cap democratic state Representative Stephanie Kiffa wit says the new law is in part because of the outbreak of legionnaires disease at the veteran's home in Quincy stem, the tide is what they told the committee stem the tide on this situation only to be revealed later in emails that he scoffed off given a citation when stagnant. Disgusting water to the tune of one thousand six hundred gallons were pumped into the most fragile population of our veterans. Some lawmakers are saying that raising the damage as is that people can get from the state will be unaffordable for taxpayers and a boon to personal injury lawyers..

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