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And breaking this is a M. seven sixty three way deaths it's three thirty to one AM seven sixty I'm Jim shar vet that's one of the stories we're following first a traffic update fifty six freeway eastbound near Rancho Pena speedos top for the offramp a reported stolen SUV that broke down in the right lane near the ramp also one sixty three freeway north bound at the eight oh five a stalled earlier middle traveling this report is sponsored by Wyndham hotels and resorts with more than six thousand hotels across the country a great hotel by Wyndham is closer than you think book direct at Wyndham hotels dot com we're following a tragic story out of Carmel valley where two people are dead after crashing their car getting out a jumping off a freeway overpass a total of six people were in that car it happened last night the eastbound lanes of the fifty six freeway in Carmel valley road use ace Chris grosses at Scripps Memorial Hospital in la Hoya we're two teenagers who also jumped and survived we're transported what we're told is that this car spun out of control heading eastbound on the fifty six sometime around eleven thirty PM and then for some unknown reason this six occupants of that vehicle got out and they fled the scene now what ended up happening is in about four of them actually jumped off an overpass that was there just before Carmel valley road what we're told now is it two people died CHP says the bridge is about eighty feet high an arrest has been made in the fatal stabbing of a man outside of Carlsbad gas station it happened just before two last night at the arco station on tamarack Avenue near.

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