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I told you that Sheila jackson-lee is leading the charge in a congressional hearing over reparations. This idea that we're somehow going to pay black people. And punish white people, which is so incredibly destructive to race relations in this country. But that's what we're here to do. We're here to tell white people that they're devils, the way Maxine Waters declared at a democrat event for the California Democrat party, a few years ago. We're here to explore and celebrate black racism against whites. So Sheila jackson-lee. At the reparations hearing had the following to say, go ahead. Thirty one percent of black children. Live in poverty compared to eleven percent of white children. The national average is eighteen percent was suggested the percentage of black children living in poverty is more than one hundred and fifty percent. That's all. More than one hundred and fifty percent. That's. More than one hundred fifty percent of black children living in, I'll Yvette alone. So. But I want to move to another issue. The reparations hearing is an opportunity to get Danny Glover because he's a movie star to come down before congress and talk about how black people need to get paid. And since we remember him from a lot of movies, then he must know a lot about how to solve the problems in our society. So this is what congress is spending their time on now. I don't know if this is related or not. But Sheila jackson-lee as leading the reparations charge and her staffer was just sentenced to four years in prison. For doc thing Republican senators during the break Cavanaugh hearings that is giving out their home phone numbers, their addresses, exposing their families to grave danger trying to give out their medical records. These are all very serious crimes. This is information her staffer came by while working for the federal government in her office, where he has access to this. This is Hillary Clinton level stuff. You know, releasing federal secrets that could cause someone a great deal of pain. It could allow one of these nuts, like the guy who shot up the softball field almost killing Steve Scalise. It could allow one of those nuts to be able to get to these people and bring great harm to them, but that's not why I tell you this story. That guy was sentenced. Jackson Cosco was sentenced to four years in prison for what he did. But I'm going to read to you the article by the Washington Post where they forgot to tell you that he was working for Sheila jackson-lee while this happened. I wonder if maybe it wouldn't look good. If you saw the same day that Sheila jackson-lee claiming one hundred and fifty percent of black kids are in poverty. And that her staff member was being sent off to prison that might hurt the reparations case and the reparations case is how we're going to get black voters to show up and vote for the white democrat who's going to be the nominee next year. So listen, carefully and notice that Sheila jackson-lee name is never mentioned in this headline ex Senate staffer sentenced to four years for dachshund, GOP, senators in cavenaugh confirmation fight a US judge on Wednesday sentenced two, former Democrats Senate staff member to four years in prison. Wait a minute. He's a former democrat staff member from six months before he did what he did which was the crime the point at which he committed the crime. He was a democrat congressional staffer for Sheila jackson-lee, and they don't want you to know that a judge on Wednesday sentenced. A former democrat Senate staff member to four years in prison for a burglary and hacking campaign that culminated in the single largest known theft of electronic data from the Senate, and the posting of private information about Republican senators on the internet. Jackson Cosco twenty-seven of the district pleaded guilty in April two dachshund the senators after being fired by one Senator and growing angry at others while watching the September twenty seventh Senate hearing that addressed sexual assault allegations against then supreme court nominee Brett, Kevin. Oh, that's funny. This makes him seem like a disgruntled, former Senate employees when, in fact, he was actively employed by democrat, congressman at the time he did this, and they know this Costco, subsequently.

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