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For men and women that are licensed. And then for a company, such as myself that's trying to grow, you know, I can't get that anywhere else. To start growing your electrical business, go to IBW local 26 dot org and click business opportunities. Local 26, or electrical contractors come to grow. Daron Payne officially signed now out in Ashburn, signed sealed and delivered if you will, but the commanders have added some more people. We'll hear about that in ten minutes with rob wood fork and sports. In 2022, shulman Rogers looked at how it could better serve its clients. One way was to open a new full service office in Northern Virginia, where many of its clients have their businesses, work, and live. Managing partner Sam spirito explains the unique way the law firm views its relationship with clients. We really feel like we're partners of our clients and that partners in the sharing of profit sense, but their problems are our problems. We really try and not just be an executioner of their work or transaction, but really be thoughtful about what we can do, what relationships can we introduce them to, what opportunities are out there. We think about the client attorney relationship differently than many firms and we really take a connector approach to our clients and really think about how we can help them be the most successful to learn more about the firm's new full service location in Tyson's corner, as well as about all its practice areas and attorneys, visit showman Rogers dot com. Everything you need every time you listen. News. It's 8 15 and I'm Dmitri. Sodas, thanks for being with us. Well, now to the WTO car review as we look at a type of vehicle, they don't make too many of any more the station wagon. In this case, the modern looking and if we do say so ourselves handsome, Volvo V 90, WTO P car guy, Mike Paris, tells us what he thought after getting behind the wheel of this wagon. For years of Volvo is pretty known for much of their wagons, they were boxy and big. Well, the V 90 cross country is definitely taller and a lot more sleek looking too. It looks a lot like a hot crossover SUV wagon mix in the usual box on wheels that we might grown up remembering. You know, people thinking about the environment thinking about the future. This is not any kind of hybrid engine. This is just an engine that burns gas. It's a gas engine, but it uses a small electric supercharger and a turbocharger. And what that little electric supercharger does is it helps it give it instant power, so you're not really caught and traffic or anything. And then once the Rez picks in, the turbo kicks in and it feels like a V 6 and not the force under engine that it is. I'm gonna guess you've driven some compact SUVs that have less space than this one. Yeah, this is definitely very spacious. This is definitely a midsize vehicle. Plenty of room for 5 people and they can bring their suitcases with them too without much hassle because the trunk space is very large for this size vehicle. I don't know how important this is to people, but I instantly recognized it as a Volvo, even though I wasn't looking at any logo I was looking at it from the side. So that's a Volvo. Yeah, definitely so might not be the box on wheels now, but it's definitely a very distinct to look and even inside is very Volvo like there's not tons of buttons and lots of things there. They're simple wood, leather, and everything is very clean designed with this vehicle. How much money? Well, it starts around $55,000 if you want all the options, you're quickly a 65, $68,000, so if you can be easy on the options, it's not a bad alternative to an SUV. And what did you, after driving it, testing it out thoroughly? Did you say, they got to work on this? There's a problem here. Well, there might be a little bit more noise, especially with this more off road version has different tires that could be a little bit louder than you might think. And the new infotainment system for this year does have a bit of a learning curve. So it definitely takes a couple of minutes when if you go to buy this car, you definitely want to take a few minutes and have the dealer teach you how to use it correctly. And then save yourself some frustration. That's WTO P car guy, Mike Paris. He pictures of read a lot more about the Volvo V 90 wagon dot com search car review

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