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Commercial. That i don't want to august the great commercial today shows is not is not sponsored by adt. We're not a big fan of the recording calls him but somehow they're on our show you can out there folks don't use. At and t. Okay here we go. Hippo jersey is very determined to crack down on crime not murders and rapes but anyone who criticizes the governor of new jersey on fox news and that the people who run the attila's jim the owners that jim have refused to stay. Close this here in november. We spoke to the owner in smith. So franken i are currently being fined. Personally governor murphy has has attempted to pierce the llc. He has fined us. Fifteen thousand four hundred ninety seven dollars and seventy six cents per day that day as per day. Yes well the. Jim has not paid those fines. But the state didn't wait around to linda. Kate or adjudicate they just took one hundred and seventy thousand dollars from the bank account because they can do that because they're the state they don't have to ask permission so we asked the state of new jersey about this. They gave us the statement quote the state previously obtained a from the court in the amount of one and thirty four thousand four hundred and sixty three dollars in eight cents which has stayed intended to collect. Apparently the funds were reference. You reference were frozen as a result of bank levy having been issued to the states collection efforts which is part of the enforcement of judicial order. Okay keep in mind that all sounds very legal. If you stop paying your rent. How long does it take you to get from your apartment. Probably new jersey. A year to this happened like that they targeted these people in smith is one of them is the owner of the. Jimmy joins us to in. Thank you for coming on. I'm sorry about this. Thank you for that. Has has the murder rate dramatically declined and so. They took his money out of his bank account. One hundred thousand dollars was just taken out of his bank account. He has no money so and this is a real thing. So i just wanna know for people that are scared right now. But what's going on. I know of two examples one. I can share because it's on fox news and the other one i can't share yet because it's still. I like to double confirm verify that kind of thing but a church has reached out and said that all of the church's money is now frozen. Best going to get worse clay. You know that this is why this is weighty for us right now The federally chartered. Banks and thrifts are now allows provide cryptocurrency according to the office of comptroller. As you can see here on my phone. So what that means is all banks can get into crypto currency and we solve the problem of homelessness conger and health with our crypto currency so when someone loses their money and can't buy food or home. This is where this makes a difference. Works cited about it. So as a coin of compassion. Is you wanna play that first or should we explain what we mean by that what you explain what you mean by that. Okay so basically we whole reason for doing cryptocurrency of compassion is to help people so that has not been done before. The blockchain enables us to take say fifty percent or seventy five percent of the volume of when people by the coin and we will go ahead in applied at two tiny homes. And so we've all homage dc in the business of building. We've already got some tiny homes being built right now. In fact i can show you some of the ones that are out there on the market right on my land. We're building the box containers. You can get those discounts so we have a partner who can build ten to twenty these a month. We're going to take some of the coca cryptocurrency proceeds by the container home and we'll habits of stabilized. You know the is. It's going to be forty forty foot law by by ten by four hundred square feet we can transfer these homes in different various sectors of the nation and then we also are solving the hunger crisis with food the food prices going be coming out with seed and with deliveries of food and on the health side. Our advisory board has doctor group. On it. And dr richard barnett. That we talked about bartlett. I wanting to correct so yeah. We're using these assets to end crisis in his sad. That people can get their money taken like that so we're looking for people who are generous. Also and when they come in and byron coin they asked him to a whole that for six months so that we can take the equity and build out the infrastructure. And in the meantime the coin is going to develop you know value this greater than it is as people go. We build. trust lines. Dave you explain more about how that works up just On a previous issue which is very important. As far as any funds being seized with the blockchain offers is a type of privacy. That really isn't available to the regular user most consi known now whether we like it or not is digital you. We normally using our credit card or debit card. That's digital but we really don't have complete control over the funds in that bank account at any time This perfect example..

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