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A team that had no chance to win the title and then out of nowhere the clippers come in and they're like hey we have nafta paul george well he's not available will what will take about take seven first round picks the changeover alexander downer his contract hold on we gotta talk about this will call you back at saint pressed is like what wait i'm gonna get oh five first roads to pick slaps it in a young guy the builder out at this is how did this happen i guarantee he's delighted i guarantee it there's no way any effort you're right about whether it's daryl or other gm's gm's by nature are are builders and you know it's like look at what tim connolly was dealing with permitted with with the wizards like everyone look at that situation is like why would tim connolly leave you know denver besides the money factor you've got the nuggets team that disclosed to potentially being a championship team but there was an appeal pretend conley not just going back the dc area but the tear that whole thing down yeah and and rebuild a team over the next three or four years in general manager's enjoy that like that's fun that when they get to that that top level certainly winning a championship is fun but you're getting beat in the second round the conference final that just like you said you're so if you're a gm and it's like yeah now i think danny is a good example you know they that run ins an i guarantee the most fun three years for him was those first couple years with the brooklyn picks coming again take chances on there as they had thomas types and being that guy and you're fantasy league who's not really try and win but he's not tank and either fire keepers and he's just kind of seeing where things are going month a month and you know i i think that's every gm's fantasy to put a bow on the toronto thing really quick the wizards seem like a natural trade partner with them because they could give them beal you'd have to take john was contract an if you're turano you just give them expiring an you know i dunno oji nami nobody something like that an earbud kid the prices will give you a pack will take bill back will take it will roll the dice with wall in that would be an interesting way to reboot i don't see a lot of options for washington with a with a with that while contract by the way i meant to mention this to do you think washington's like the guy in the fantasy league who's upset that the the paul george trade package happen but nobody ever call them to see to see if they wanna seventy percent of that for bradley beal because they would've taken seventy percent of that for bradley beal yesterday right i i don't see the bradley beal stuff i don't i can't really wrap my head around because everybody in washington has told me that he's like ten leon sushi favorite player and getting past like getting and bradley beal trade done means getting on board with it and he's not so maybe you can attach john wall to it that changes the calculus will but that's why i always thought yeah i'm wearing the miami stuff came from that was more like you know years on dsp operating as reporters like bringing that stuff up but like it made some sense to do to a degree because you know before this catastrophic injury miami would've taken on john wall like they they would have taken that contract and said we can rehabilitate him yeah i'd a player if they were gonna get bradley deal out of it to i could see the heat rolling rolling the dice on that but i i don't know what they give up make it appealing to washington besides just taking that wall contract would you i think i if they could have given up shea and gallo in to unprotected pick some one of those miami picks bill i think washington at some point there there is a number that would they would have been overwhelmed by that was probably less and the paul george number but collide maybe you know maybe paul georgia's guy i wanna talk about the lakers could break let's take a break talking.

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