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Live from NPR news on Janine Herbst. Joe Biden is in Kenosha, Wisconsin today to host a community meeting this afternoon and meet with the family of Jacob Lake Toya Dennis from member station. W. W M has more Kenosha, Wisconsin was thrust into the spotlight after police shot a young black man in the back seven times, leaving Comm paralyzed. The shooting happened in late August, and since then Kenosha has seen a number of protests, including one that's heard deadly after a 17 year old who traveled to the area to protect businesses opened fire. On Tuesday, Trump offered $4 million in federal aid to help businesses rebuild. He also hosted a discussion with law enforcement. In contrast, Biden is expected to meet with the family of the man shot by police. This will be Biden's first visit to Wisconsin this campaign season. For NPR News. I'm LaToya Dennis In Milwaukee. A leaked document from the U. S. Census Bureau warns the Trump administration's recent decision to shorten the schedule for the 2020 head count. Risks serious errors. NPR's Hansi Lo long reports and inaccurate census could lead to the unfair distribution of political representation and federal funding for the next 10 years. The Internal Census Bureau document obtained by the House Oversight Committee, reveals the bureau's own analysis of how the 2020 count could be hurt by a push to deliver the first set of results of President Trump by year's end. A document warrant. Serious errors discovered in the data may not be fixed because there won't be enough time. Representative Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from New York, calls this an outrage. Congress passed.

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