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The day will be different okay yeah i see fall around for day but you he does at come kind of what is it like flash back type stories and that technique when she's writing so super funny heartfelt story so i'm excited to see this engaged julio roberts jumping on the td bandwagon yeah well again well it's it's there's it's not a nice surprise to me it because this is just me all right it's a microcosm but yesterday's the previews that i watched i thought no wonder i mean is this is crap come i miss some good movies i had a friend that saw the much buzz the ball lala land over the weekend if i was spectacular but i mean i look at all the actresses and truly is almost to that age look all the actresses over you know it forty forty five fifty has been the in the greatest marrow strip yeah next i wonder if they went out to copier t you wonder didn't do their you think i think they don't have some from there compa and if he sees say i'm doing this is what why not julian more robertson nero they could don't well i heard someone because i always ten ass those question the good we have someone here on the show or the other show i always ask um you know if they're of that age group and they always have about the same answer they talk about how exciting it is to flash shot to flush out of character over you know six eight ten episodes and the stars are no longer so petrified of television because the commitment is now realistic and what i mean by that is you guys all know back in the seventies in eighties and nineties and even in the two thousand you know a typical network show the order from the net were could be twenty to twenty three episodes so not only is that a strain on the writers to keep that quality up this stretch of those stories of for twenty two broadcast hours but who wants to you know i'd at star doesn't want to commit to that anymore they want to do more double projects they want that freedom and he's cable you know people kind.

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