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Abc's david libai power show with this god's only is pm radio so persons writing here on twitter at laboratories show my time 'timeline proves that i get the show but the number segments over the past six shows dedicated to bashing the nfl is getting so old guys i don't understand what you hear what am i doing wrong this was not a bashing of the nfl the nfl is was in its glory yesterday like i really enjoyed that sunday football yesterday i don't what am i doing long here's what will what you're saying is i'm not saying that you're wrong you have set it off the in and that's fine by the way alan trammell was a it was a shortstop not a second basement before all the vultures in lou whitaker s was the second baseman i'm becoming that show now as it i'm not blaming anyone homolka having that show his i morph in the mike franceso yes you know who the tigers second baseman was in the early nineties kid by the name a whitaker it was the 80s but it was keeping track will that's the part of the lord fine but whatever i mean yeah they were 35 and five that one year they won the world series and 84 so while you were off by a decade where worry while we're talking about i forget house the 80s whitaker yes 84 we're talking about sweet lou whitaker is where we ended up on this monday after a great football sent what's going on here is you're saying the nfl she just embrace what it is that they are at i agree with you i it comes off as just do it that way and don't want back meaning don't take measures to try to make this game safer for the play nobody has an hour i would just thomas saying that's what you're saying items all i we had a little i was just saying within the spirit of jacksonville seattle sunday and the other day cleveland earned that cleveland pittsburgh uh playing against cincinnati getting back to something again doing if you had to guess the first person they used one of those flying squirrels suits did they live if you had the guess.

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