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A goff anyway. Might not at this point first of all. It's a football sunday. that's a problem too. It's a sunday night. That's a problem and three. I don't. I don't know i'm not going to see corn there to like jerry when i go to concerts. I like the marsh. what what. It was pat benetton. Would you go know what would it take to get you to the right now. Prior to the pandemic. You're going to concert i know but the the la- the last few times i went to art center. You have to park so far away. One if you don't pay for the the That parking right parking and if you go all the way up the path of fifty bucks. It's not that we went. I told you we went to see bush bush. We saw bush who then live live and there was one other band. I'm completely blanking was live. I and ornate smashing pumpkins wasn't them wasn't them and we thought alley alarms going off. This is got to turn the light off for whimsey. So i thought i really thought bush was gonna be the headliner at the end. And that's why i wanted. I like live. But i love bush. I wanted to see bush. That's what i was looking for a field. They go for. I'll have anyway and so we were tailgating in that ridiculous parking lot. Yes i did not have been there in so long. I didn't realize how long of a walk against a long walk so we here. In the in the distance we heard. I think glycerine. I think it was the first time they opened with some. That was but very familiar. Song might gotta go. Yeah we missed almost the whole concert. Yup don't because it took us. I would say half hour goes to solid twenty minutes on a walk up there and you've got to walk by all those losers carrying their chairs. I'm endorsing kinda guy. jerry. I'm older more we we'd seats to. Yeah but we relate. Real quick ahmed in woodside. What's up i'm ed. Hey what's going on man morning. I love you guys but you can. You think of a about nine and snails. Huge trigger is man old. How old is old first of all we got a. He's an old dude now. Other factor is he's healthier helping now almost any other. The thing is that what he does is When they go out on tour he lets his bad and party like So there you know And their private bus. Yes and then. He like on a separate bus just chilling. You know with meditating. Boys doing wine transcendental meditation. How old is he. He's fifty six. Okay that's older. I'm not gonna say old older. They do have some cool songs. But i bet you like. I don't know a lot of nine inch nails. Only know what was played on k rock around here back in the nineties and two thousands but I bet you there's a toma songs. I have no idea what's going on. Yes but i do think there would also be a good handful that you do that. You would be into but you might be bored. The rest of the time is what i wanna hear jerry. I hurt myself today. They might open or close with us to see if i feel or is that adding yourself jerry's at the same band. I wanna yup bleep. You like an animal. Yeah that's jerry was about cutting yourself just to feel emotions to feel if you could feel the pain cutting yourself. That's a thing. Teenagers do it. Yes i'm aware. That's a wild and scary brain. Do crazy. Things to us endeavour emotions. Yes cherry more on music before we take a break. Sal and jackson talked to me. What's up sal. Italic gordon jerry. I met you at that bush in live concert. Who is the who's the third band. I'll i don't remember but we we spoke and i told you i had. I was doing a baseball talk. Show f- remember me baseball. Talk shows jerry. This you should be fair. Sal i did have quite a few drinks that. Oh i'm not talking about the maroon. Five concert i worked at pnc yet. Because i wanted to see them there. That's right they get the guests and employees have to show proof of vaccination or take the covert test forty hours before show that i do know i did hear that. Okay so you really don't remember that third band. Nah i don't wanna thank you guys for the inspiration for us What we do on on our podcast. See this jerry. Year inspiring young podcast. You are because you have. Most people have one podcast. You have to thank you very much. Let's this guy real quick just to do with what we talked about earlier with the door. Swinging the call timeout out swinging and hitting home idea what to do to you. Tommy tommy. What's up guys doing. Yeah i just want to let you know so. I had the under eight and a half in that yankee game when they know door hit a home run when he when they gave him time out and when they gave him time out. I was so happy because it would have been a three run home. Run i think would have been eight one. And i have the under eight and a half and then i think velazquez at a solo shot late but it was still the under eight and a half. So they'll hit pretty pretty awesome. You lucked out with that time out. Hugely the yankee fan happy happy. They won but also happy. I want some money to give him the time out. Right very cool man. We'll good for you man. that's awesome. Thank you tommy. I'm a little disappointed in outdoor. He hasn't punched one guy in the face since he's come here that's not i'm told stone. Temple pilots was the third band. I must have missed that one to know you did. That was not a tumbled pile of the children. I didn't think so either. But that's what i'm being told by many different people. It was july of twenty twenty. No killing twenty twenty twenty nineteen maybe twenty nineteen. Jay had been twenty nineteen. And i'm trying to find it. I'm being told andrew at cbs. Sports network is telling us it was stone temple pie and it might have been. I do not remember. That was our lady peace. he's wrong he's not s. teepee. I wanted to see bush. That's what i was looking for. Yeah i did. And i missed. I missed our lady. Peace and i missed the bush boy all of the live portion which was great. But i wanted to see davin rosedale moore one of the great howard. Stern's song parodies that Fred did he did bush's glycerin. Yeah but he did it about gary's bed breath that he did a song called listerine is good one then. It was a whole song to the hawk listerine as gary needs list. And that's your guy bad thing you. Hey the i hate bad breath. Jerry don't doubt old hollywood's wildest scandals a story about my grandparents film producer welterweight injure an actress. Joan bennett. i'm vanessa hope and i'm karina longworth together with vanity fair and cadence thirteen will tell this untold story a film-noir played out in real life. Introducing love is a crime tune in at listen dot vanity fair dot com slash. Love is a crime. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Curiosity stream has thousands of documentary films and shows available on demand on any device where the net flicks for nerds the hulu for history buffs the disney plus for the scientists in us. 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