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We we it's a kind of more gel like any gets more concentrated as it gets toward the ice this this is when the electrons begin to cascade and really move around in a very excited state this liquid crystalline state and actually our whole you know digital world is based on liquid crystal lean understanding art are touch screens are liquid crystal lean state of material and water takes that form to and when water goes from a grounded state to an excited state it begins a whole cascade to share electrons end date lecterns are jumping from one molecule to another when water hits that state that's when it brings us energy for living let's go to Laurin New York now hi Laura go ahead welcome to the program hi thanks for taking my call you're very welcome this is an on board is a wonderful topic I really appreciate your discussing it this evening I have a couple questions there's a lot of feelers out there now that are dabbling with what's called structured water and it's for me to do with the spectrum you speak about one of those pieces of that spectrum is structured water and is the machine out there that stretches the water then people drink structured water and then my second question is what I wanted to know what water filter you might recommend that all will clean the water the best but not you know make you completely devoid of everything and then my last questions I wanted to know if you think that people that the water in the plastic bottles is getting full of plastic and you know that people actually drinking classic in their water you know so those three questions winning too familiar destruction water into the filter and Laura thank you so much I'll answer the last one first which is yes I'm sorry to tell you the plastics are coming into the water that you drink out of a plastic bottle especially if they sit around in your car and are exposed to sun you know they sit on shelves they're very they they are they get their transport on the back of heated up tracks that get hot in the back yes you know water is the universal solvent and so water is believe those those materials are leaking into the water because the water is so capable of dissolving anything it touches so that's a concern and we you know we really like to recommend people put their water and glass and glass bottle if that's not starting to accomplish his you can even just buy a coke bottle of mineral water and save that bottle and use it.

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