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Now on WCBS a contest in Brooklyn once a month gives the crowd a whole lot of puns and in today's sweet spot Mike Sugerman takes us inside the Thunderdome once upon a time I can't believe what he just said gags that make others you get brown Sir feet up for broken up with a fire puns in the wrong hands they can't be we get concerts around here sometimes they do I'm out on the west side of Manhattan right along the river I think the rock Hudson the pool noodles is a pun contest give them a topic they each have ninety seconds to decide what they're going to say Firestone MC's at little field in Brooklyn he gives out topics like cars they need to be enough here is trying not to think they're going to say yes that's me I figured I'm award guy kind of funny I had a hard time coming here over once I ported over you know and and I'm good because there I have to sign the highlights I finished last sometimes the delivery of the delivery I got to one another yeah you think decades as a professional broadcaster might help yes I'll leave it to the true champ the sweet spot I'm Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio eight eighty.

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