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Hey, it's good to have you Adams Adams squinting like, do you? I'm amazed that you can pick up that. Well, when when everybody's gone when we finished with this show. Mike can I talk music in net flix, and that's that's where we go. Hey, it's good to have you with this. You know, what we do sometimes on this show? It's the first half of the show. We're talking to Dr Frank, and we're talking the guys from all. And then second half the show, we do whatever. Sometimes we have guests on. I'm gonna have some pastors on coming up real soon, and we're gonna be talking grace, and we're gonna be talking identity and full acceptance and the true you, and we talk spiritual issues during this part of the show because I don't think health health is always been talked about in terms of physical lonely, and we're not just physical beings. We are body soul spirit beings. And it's all one thing. But we sometimes like to splice and slice and pick them out in only caring about. The health of the body right now. And that's not who I am. That's not who you are. And we want to talk about that. So sometimes we do a round table discussion. Second have the show today. The guys from Molterer still hanging out and Jim Miller's with this homes for okay dot com. Keller Williams company, and it is it's real interesting. Because Jim you say is a realtor on the show. Well, I have everybody on the show. It doesn't matter where they come from. But it just so happens that Jim also writes for the nutrition health world, a lot of the blog articles that you see online many of them have been written by Jim a lot of people hire them. He is the person who's writing. And then the other person's face is out in front. And so that's the way that works. He ghost writes books for others. He and I worked on a Doug Kaufman. Okay. That's still not out. I was gonna say. Seventeen sixteen. Gosh, she's at sixteen. Yeah. Okay. I'm calling today. We should have him on a table to. But, but Jim was talking, you know, he was he was listening to us talk about detox, Brian Frank detox with ultra and Jim was kind of thinking about the whole idea of spiritual detox. Also, boy, that's something a lot of people need to hear about you. Yeah. You know, what is it that we need detoxing from in our bodies? It's because we eat stuff that has stuff in it that our bodies in supposed to have and it accumulates, and I love Allen's description of the getting down to the Michael Kandari and cleaning it out. I kind of thought of it like, the the janitor that comes in and cleans our bodies. And so what what is the spiritual equivalent of that, you know, if you look at. I mean, it really if you look at any religion out there, but we're Christians. So we're gonna talk about Christianity. You go you go enough time with men and women running things that it gets bent out of shape. Human beings running things. Exactly, exactly. And so. I kind of look at the the the Church World every church history about every five hundred years it's gotten so bent out of shape that there's had to be some major correction, and I really think we're in the process of that right now. And so what does that mean to us as individuals? I mean, I could go on for hours about that part. But that's not what we're talking about. I wanna know how what do we what do we have in a spiritually that needs to be cleaned out? And I think a lot of it you, and I were talking about this earlier today that a lot of it is we get the impression that when God talks about obedience what he's talking about is obedience to mosaic law or to any of the other ordinances that are in the Old Testament there six hundred and thirty three of them. I think that if I got my thirteen. Yes. Six thirteen. Okay. As off by I made up twenty more in the media. That's nothing. I've made up hundreds more. And so the thing is a perfect example of what the result of that is I had a tendency to think up until very recently that God if you would just take care of these six things over here. And it's, you know, the big ones like finances and my relationships and stuff if God would just fix the problems there, then I could just take care of everything else. I wouldn't have to bother him so much. I can handle this. You take care of things. And then, you know, we'll talk until I need something. I need something else. And how many of us live our lives that way we go to church every Sunday with that mentality. We read we read the bible every day. And if you have that mentality, you're reading it wrong. You're it's you need a detox you need to clean that garbage out. So that mindset now that world view, I saw you closing your eyes there. Josh are you disgusted or are you thinking? Well, I'm I'm thinking about this guy's it's. It's so easy in what Jim just talked about for individuals to get caught up in the programmatic aspect of all the methods and stuff I mean, right from what Jim said, then and I know, Jim. So I know where he's coming from his heart. But people could be listening to that right now in thinking, okay. I need to prepare the list. I need to go ahead and knock down these things and do the detox, but it all really starts when we recognize that there's this unique opportunity to take on the nature of the father. God loves us so much and so when that begins to happen, then there's this beautiful interaction this beautiful dynamic this beautiful communication and intimacy from a loving father desires to reach into those deep dark recesses of our life. Our traumas are are Solis problems the basement beliefs that we have that we picked up when we were kid, and he gently begins to renew our thought processes and gently begins to allow us to partner with him to enjoy life. Because it's like Jim said. It's not the solving of the big six out there. But if I'm actually walking and joy and peace while I'm suffering financially, Cumberland proof, and that's the big difference. Only a big deal the solving of the big six. That should be the name of our next book. But that Oko hitch what he said about basement beliefs. Because we all bring this baggage that comes from our childhood or comes from something, you know, when I started reading Genesis in Leviticus when I was six years old. And so what could I possibly truly understand about it at that age? But I've formed opinions, and I formed thoughts that were that go back that far? So yeah. Definitely want basement beliefs. Well, you said the word religion at one point. And that is is part of the problem. I think because so oftentimes we come to God. And we think of religio city, and that means I am doing this. I am not doing this. And I am trying hard, and I'm and I'm plugged into these little customs of a religion. Right. And and missing out on what Josh was describing which is relationship. Right. And that it almost universally ruins everything whenever I'm not ignoring you, Adam you you jump in anytime. Okay. I'm waiting. You're processing do you? Are you ready to say something or are you waiting? Well. I. You're you're talking about, you know, so many things here on on so many different levels. I I like to go back to the foundation, right? And I think the permit my premise is that a a life lived on self will is gonna fail. Absolutely. We were talking about that earlier too. Right. So if if we're trying to manage things and be the director of what's going on around us. We're going to find ourselves in situations and find ourselves bound up in stuff, and resentments, and anger and jealousy. And ultimately all the stuff that comes on sin. What we need is surrender. Yes. We're laughing laughing. This morning. Jim Jim texted me and the whole subject was surrender. And when we met before we came up to the studio, the subject was surrender. Yeah. It's not a mistake that you just brought that up. Right. But I think surrender has to be done on the on the terms that God wants us to have it. Absolutely. So if people believe that God is going to beat them and hurt them or the things that they've done then they're not gonna surrender to God. That means that they're going to get punished. Right. So if you go to a right, and you get to the premises. What they come what they come back to it. Bill w one of the founders said his essential insight was that God could be found if you were sought and God would help people. And so on that basis, if we surrender we find that God comes right alongside and takes us out of our selfishness. That's so true. It's it's a big deal that I think, and I'm glad that you worded everything the way that you just did. Because there are a lot of people listening every time, we do spiritual discussion, I get a whole lot of feedback and people I find that some people are wrestling with things, and somehow we have begun a discussion that works to their advantage. And they're like more more and more. So we have another segment to do more and more more. And we'll talk more about this whole.

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