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So is that I it's not going to balance on your dog. Those are going to roll right out. Where are you going with your burger it's gonna roll right off? It's not gonna. Frying it. No. You can't it's gonna bounce right off. But you could like a spoonful in your mouth and then after quickly, and then when you leave your mobile home. And. Why are you getting? Peters. This is an actual conversation. Okay. This is random this is what we do. Either of you dog people. Okay. Well, the Westminster dog show they have unveiled to new breeds to new breeds. Okay. Labrador that. No, that's not new that's been practicing how to pronounce these. Michael. Talk. Let me they have a lot of Salah bills. He's the first one is and it will compete in the sport in group use the grand Abbass say Griffen. Von oh. Is it a bijon freeze something I saw the picture? I don't know what it is. So anywhere that will be in the sporting group. Don't make me say the name again. Okay. Ground bus always said. Oh, okay. The other one will compete in the hound group. It is a. Nato Lon say mater lawn say Corey care Honda. I'm with you in the Netherlands, say part Nater lawn. Say Koi, cure, Han, J or something like that? Okay. These native say Quaker steak like that. Yes. And that's that'll be in the hound group. Okay. So they have more than one hundred and ninety breeze competing. Wow. Westminster dog show. Okay. Lot. I'm obsessed. Berlin. I'm sorry. What Bernie doodles? What's the Bernese mountain dog crossed with a poodle? Mountain dogs. We like two hundred pounds. Yeah. Burner doodles. End up being like fifty pounds forty pounds. No because I've seen a burner with really short legs. Apparently. Because those are the best dogs ever. But they just shed like crazy Burmese mountain dogs are the best dogs ever. Really? Like Bernie their fuzzy like doodles like poodles? Yes. Okay. It's important because I mean, you know, look like, maybe some of them look like level to it's definitely Frau's e I love the word frow. Yeah. Frau's schnauzer. My daughter has a few now, she has an English sheepdog. So I know Frau Z when I see it. Yeah. This is the random segment.

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