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Bats. An handled velocity well. And you know it's Something to be said for not just the story of a guy like that but the fact that you know i it gets cliche sometimes to say. He's he's professional. But these guys are sometimes just a very very thin line away from from the big leagues and then how you utilize those guys at the new organization can often be what's can determine you know outside inside the plasco games here a couple of games there. Yeah i mean there's it's the cardinals devil magic guys. No one can explain it but the cardinals are good at them and creating them and you can see john. Guess you having some of those moments this season you really could. And i just liked the story. I'm a sucker for good story. He's got a gun salute. Me guy you know gets gets released by the as he has to turn. Independent bali has a great arizona. Fall league in here. He is and he gets a little chippy. When people talk about mississippi some like cups you know long shot. You know illiterate. Eight year old rookie. But he's not you know. And and and i love that edge to him but he's but he's got a great sense of humor. He had a great line the other day they said you know as your family here and he said yeah oh they would have been error if they had to walk and then he and then he said in he said it might take my dad awhile. He's a good dude and it's fun. I think it's a fun story. I think it does have an element of the team. Where i think when you're in the clubhouse with a guy like that okay here's an example of a guy who gave everything and worked his tail off. Could've quit a million times to get here. Not that nolan aren't all goldschmidt. Need reasons to play hard. That's not what i'm implying but having a guy like that around is a good reminder of of how there guys who worked their tails off and never get that shot. And i think that's a that's not a bad thing to have an clubhouse. Let's talk about jack flirty. And i'm sure that there are folks who are frustrated and think that You know the sky is falling as you said just as we can't Maybe anoint the cardinals. Offense is the twenty-seven yankees after the first innings. You have to keep things in perspective. What did you think jack. And you know Less than ideal. Perhaps conditions and in that ballpark and What do you make of just this year for jack. Big picture the opportunity or the chance that he has may be to take a step as this team takes a step in. I think it's a huge year for jack. And i think he knows that whatever jack wants to be we don't know yet. I don't think he knows yet whether he wants to be the next. Trevor bauer the next bob gibson or or something in between who knows. I'm this year is going to be a big factor in determining in determining that you know he wants to. He has things that he wants to do. He wants to change the discussion about how young players get paid. He wants to bring bring attention to the different causes. that are important to him and he knows This is not big news. His ability to do that will be determined by how well he plays. It's not always the way it should be. But it's it's just the way that it And starts like this won't help them get there. That said it's is it something worth panicking over no. I don't know that it is when it's thirty. Seven degrees at the first pitch as their snow coming down. I don't know that i'm gonna go nuts about reading into it. Jack lady needs to pitch more than four. You know four and a third innings for this group especially when miles. Mike and k. k. are not back He you don't want to have your your bullpen picking up so many innings in jack. Flaherty start saint for adam wainwright so player. He's not gonna be happy allowing six earned runs and forty third an an an and giving up two homers. even though it's a homer homer friendly ballpark. He shouldn't be happy that I do think it's a little bit of a different situation when you When you have such a weird start When you when you have six innings on the board it changes things a little bit. You're more aggressively throw more strikes and we got hit around a little bit for that. He was frustrated by by creating trouble for himself which he did some with with the walks and he's got he's got to be better It doesn't necessarily become an indication of a season's gonna go but it wasn't a good start and it wasn't the one he wanted he he didn't. He wasn't willing to blame the conditions. The cold at stuff. I'm sure it did play a bit of a factor But this this on a night where is first starting to gain that counted since the offense left him out to dry it in san diego. It was it was good that the cardinals offense picked him up for a change and he was very appreciative of that. And i think that shows a little bit. Where jack is to he raved about the offense while he was frustrated with himself. He didn't have a he was glad to team want and they need him to be a big part of that so not not a good not a good start for him but gotta win. That's most important thing. He didn't get the win but they gotta win. You flush it any needs to be sharper moving forward. Because here's the deal. Big season for jack but it will be a hard season for the cardinals if they don't get really strong and deep starting pitching out of jack and adam wainwright especially until they get some guy's back who can be relied upon and cake and michael. There's just no way around it. What are you gonna do with the day off. You're gonna use a transfer portal to get from cincinnati to covington kentucky tomorrow man Speaking the transfer portal. I don't know who's left on mizzou's crazy high well and then and then and then i got you know i see the moments great of will smith is is kobe brown looking around the mizzou roster wondering where all his friends last episode but then i get mizzou fans who are who are lighting me up saying what's wrong with the team wise the culture falling apart this is so bad Wait a second. You guys were so mad. That turin's watson was on the team and now in now you're like now you're convinced the team is a mess because he's transferring. Which one is it. But i'm asking people in begging people to zoom out i mean look at all the transfers More than a thousand names in the portal. It's going to be a mass exodus of players this season because they are going to be able to transfer wherever they want and play immediately the coaches. There's some coaching changes going on Guys who are who could have been forced out because of a lack of eligibility are now going to get to come back because of the kobe. You know the kogo year and that's gonna make guys who committed or maybe signed but but not had not played they're gonna bail because the debt turner other them is going to change. there will be more chaos in college. basketball is off season before the pre rankings. That are gonna come out after this after this championship is over that way too early. Next season rankings. We'll be the worst. They're always bad. They're going to be the worst and least accurate ever because we don't even know what these teams are going to look like. So i'm asking people to just take a breath and realized that team's gonna drastic now. We don't like taking the team if the team is. The team is worse than then. There's a problem but until that team is still out. The team might get better. Missouri could get better with adding four to five transfers season. They certainly should be more athletic than they were last season. So i'm not ready to panic it but my god. It's going to be a mess for college basketball you not. Nb i do not envy these coaches. This year i'd take. I would take most of their salaries but But i would not. I would not want the headaches. It's gonna be a tough tough year for the mental sanity of college basketball coaches. Does it get crowded in. The portal is like field house on a friday night at mizzou. It's like one in one out. I mean it's just at ten out to the portal. Yeah they need to you know. I just impressed by like three reporters who have password sport and just like day spent bikes tweeting out. The new names that go into it. Like congrats on the scoop. But it doesn't seem like a very fun thing to do is click refresh on the transfer portal. It's been a long day brother. It's been a long day but a good start for the cardinals and In in in hopefully a chance for karnal stands to to enjoy some baseball man. I tell you this. I'll tell you we got..

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